Monday, April 21, 2014

March's Highlights

well looks like i am finally getting a chance to post about last month's highlights. i am so glad i have started doing this every month, cause it's pretty fun. a great way to help me keep up with all the fun stuff is an app i have been using ever since getting my first iphone. it and instagram, and maybe amazon are my top three apps i use. oh maybe picstitch as honorable mention. anyways that app is...dun dun duuunn..project 365. it has totally come in handy for these particular blog posts. hop on over and check out january's highlights and february's highlights if ya would like. now here we go. i had a lot go on in march so this one is a leeetle long. but i'll try to make it short & sweet.

celebrated my grandfather's birthday the first weekend of the month. my momma's brother's family lives in benton [30 minutes away from north little rock] so we don't get to see them as often. so that was a fun treat.

got off work again for another snow day. i'm so glad when we miss work for snow, we don't have to like make it up on the weekends like little school kids have to make up the days through summer.

watched the oscars. every year i grow to love them more and more. and there were several really good speeches that night. and i'm still kinda surprised that american hustle didn't win any awards. but the boys from dallas buyers club totally deserved it + "best picture." i still haven't seen all of the nominees. i'm getting closer on that...then i'll do a whole post about them. please act surprised.

i was featured on privity boutique's instagram page. ballin!!

my parents got moved into their new house.
doesn't it look like pinterest? nope just my momma and daddy-o's brains.
it's really open, but still really cozy.
the carpet in the their closet might be one of my favorite parts. i'm a sucka for leopard print.

had my second night of bunko for the year at mrs. dona's house. always so much fun!
no i didn't win. boo! but the cake she made was to die for! and the dinner was tastylicious, too.

i got my phone's screen fixed!
that was a HUGE highlight.

went to willy d's with my one of my besties, amy, to celebrate my birthday with a little club dancing. it was fun. there were more people there than usual and even though my least favorite dj of all time was playing he didn't play the same lame songs he usually plays. here's my ootn:

fixed one of my favorite statement necklaces i had dropped on my bathroom floor. at first i was a little upset, but then i started really looking at it and figured, "i could fix that."

had myself a quiet little birthday. some of my co-workers chipped in and bought me flowers.
i went to one of my favorite chinese buffets here in nlr with my family [minus my brothers and liz] for dinner and then hung out with my family afterwards. it was a quiet birthday that's for sure.

enjoyed a wonderful first day of spring out cleaning houses with my cleaning crew. it seriously was an absolutely gorgeous day. and when i got home i noticed some pretty daffodils had sprung up next to my mailbox.

had an amazing birthday dinner at my parents new house with ALL of my family. my momma made my fav meal: chicken and wild rice casserole. and she even got me an ice cream cake.
then after presents, we just all kinda hung out. we have all really been enjoying all being together in my parents' new house. we have so much fun watching this little stinker run around and play. wow. i cannot wait for the other two [i have a new nephew and niece coming in may] to get here!

got to see my bff and hang out with her for a whole weekend. i just absolutely looove spending time with her. and her baby, little miss ava is growing into such a beautiful little girl. i'm loving getting to be a apart of her life. i got her some minnie mouse tees and i can't wait to see her wear them in about 3 months. 

stormi got me a necklace i had been coveting from this site for my birthday...i didn't even tell her i wanted this necklace. best friends just know you.
she also got me those daisy tops. i swear this necklace has become a staple in my wardrobe.

got these lovely little floral shorties in from savoir-faire.
i swear that boutique will always be my favorite. shhhh don't tell what's his face.

found this fun telephone sign from hobby lobby. and it was fifty percent off!
i got some other fun things that day, too but will show them off in a house update soon.

my daddy-o delivered the glass drafting desk that him and my mom decided to pass down to me since they were going for bit different look in my dad's new office. y'all. this is literally one of my new fav pieces of furniture. it's perfect in my room and the collage wall i'm working on to go above it is looking fabulous.
the big glass head was a christmas present from the ole bff. the turquoise globe i found at a flea market. the ceramic pig that i'm using for my makeup brushes is from hobby lobby. the teapot was a gift from my mom. the glass kitty-cats belonged to my great-grandma jackie. and the makeup mirror is from target. oh and i am SO glad i punched the gun on painting two walls pink. i am falling in love with my bedroom more and more everyday.

my daddy-o, uncle, grandpa, and i finally closed on a huge piece of property here in north little rock. this property is well known and really is a huge deal for our ever-growing rental property business. it is the reason why i haven't had much time to post cause i've been trying to get utitlites on, insurance taken care of, tenants set up in our system, and just trying to get organized, period.
what we own is outlined in black. holy moly donut shop that's a lot to keep up with huh? good thing i have a photographic memory, which is how i can have over 100 addresses memorized, i guess. and then of course, i've been trying to figure out the old owner's key system..
3 boxes full of random life.

got to enjoy a lovely strawberry cake for all the march birthdays we have up here at work.
i love that my mom orders a cake each month to celebrate everyone's birthdays. cake days are always so much fun!

finally got myself a haircut. it was to the point that i had a few people ask me if i was growing my hair out. nope. just got lazy when it came to making an appointment. i got one more scheduled before my sissy [she's my stylist] leaves for 8 weeks on maternity leave. then it's back to cutting my bangs with my craft scissors.

saw all these movies for the first time this month:
my top three picks?
1. saving mr. banks (i cried in this one)
2. frozen (i cried in this one, too)
3. american hustle (i love a good con/hustle movie, like this one.)
those were a hard top three to pick. i liked all of these movies, even though stone is a little creepy. but edward norton's acting blows me away every time. i wish he wasn't such a dick, and would be in more things. but can you blame him? i'm sorry, but he is a damn good actor.

well there you have it. march's highlights. had my birthday, made plans with friends, and even got a few new things even though i had a "shopping freeze" going on last month. well, i have got to end this here and get back to work. i gots to make yet another gift basket and go get some keys made. man, story of my life.
"where'd you get that shirt? the diesel store? phil. it's a cute top. where did you get that shirt? there's a cool diesel store in the mall that i like to go to. right next to the food court. looks like a diesel."
[the hangover part 3]


  1. how can you top that month?? it was pretty freakin' awesome. here's to a great april recap

  2. meaning when you post it! did that make sense?