Thursday, April 17, 2014

Liz & Eli's Shower

wow. this week has been just as busy as the first two weeks of this fine month of april. course, i don't usually slow down until around the 20th of the month..which is just next week so maybe i can bust out some more posts. i have ideas and i wanna post, but daaaang i just get to busy. it took me like 3 days just to edit these photos i'm bout to show off. and get this i've been like one of the last ones to leave work the past three weeks. like, that's crazy for me. i guess i should do that, anyway, since i don't usually roll up in here till 9 in the morning. oopsie. 
like i said, this week has been cray, but most of that has to do with all of the new properties my daddy-o has purchased. i've had to get electricity turned on at 7 different properties this week. that's a lotta hold time, party people. but the customer service has been impeccable at both electric companies, so i really can't complain. for once i have a gift basket i gotta make today + i gots to get out in that warehouse and pull some merchandise for the stores. yes, i've been too busy to blog, but i love that my job does keep me busy. i don't think i could do it if it didn't. 

alrighty, lets move on to why i wanted to post today. last sunday, my sis plus a few other ladies put on a shower for our brother's wife, liz. her and my bro are expecting a little boy, elijah. eli for short. kat and i really aimed to make the shower perfect for a little boy. my bro loves to hunt and liz even goes with him sometimes, so we went with a soft hunting-like theme. we used wooden trees, deer antlers, deer heads, burlap, and a few other woodsey type details. i loved all the decorations. my sis let me be in charge of making them a wreath for the front door, and for them to use on their hospital door when little eli makes his appearance in may. i was also in charge of making cupcakes. kat suggested we do chocolate cupcakes, cause she had found cute white deer antler cupcake toppers on etsy. here's some similar 
after getting the job, cupcake maker, i knew i wanted to make homemade frosting. cause who doesn't love some homemade frosting. i have made vanilla frosting in the past, but this was my first time making chocolate. y'all, it was too easy. definitely won't be my last time making that.
i wanted to make the cupcakes from scratch too, but i honestly, just didn't have the time. and there's my present. liz guessed which one was mine even though i had forgotten to get a card. i love wrapping presents. 
and here's the finished product. not trying to brag or anything, but i thought they turned out amazing. and let me tell you, the frosting was a HUGE hit! 

the wreath i worked on for most of the day last saturday. i had already sorta started it, but ran out of the cream ribbon i was using to wrap around the wreath's form. unfortunately when i went back to get more, they were sold out. crap! but i just purchased a butt-load of twine and used it to cover the other part where the cream ribbon shoulda been. the burlap bow i found in the gifting supplies at hobby lobby. but i wanted to spruce it up a bit more. i started to head to the wooden letters section, when a display of cow bells caught my eye. perfect addition to add to the bow. i just used to twine to attach them. i found a cardboard letter E that i liked better than the wooden one, and i wrapped it in twine as well. the green stuff is some sorta wire twine, that was in the twine section that i just grabbed cause i thought it was different. well all of these supplies made this here wreath:
i'm pretty proud of it, that's for sure. it's definitely one of the best wreaths i have ever made. i'm working on a spring-time wreath now, for my front door and i can't wait to make it just as pretty as this one. my bff wants me to make her a summertime one. i'm thankful to be back to crafting.

now that's what i was in charge of, let's see what everyone else did. the food, was AMAZING. everything was good. like i'm  still thinking about one thing i had in particular and i'm dying to try making it myself.
the crackers + jelly, labeled, "the best stuff i've ever tasted" seriously is one of the best things i have ever tasted. i can name like three things i would requests for my last meal, and now this one would be added to that list. 
i may have been a hostess, but i didn't hesitate when it came to fixin a plate.
the table decor + my favorite treat again.
they got lots of presents, including lots of their big stuff that they hadn't gotten yet. i got them a bathroom set that was on their registry, clothes, a toy, and socks, bibs, and booties. if you're wondering, kohl's has the best selection of boy baby clothes. that's my go-to place now since cute boy clothes are hard to come by.
all in all, i think the shower was BIG success. big shout out to my sissy for planning the whole party and having it at her house. i know that was a lot of hard work, especially being preg and having elliott, so give yoself a pat on the back for that one, sis.
i cannot wait to meet mr. elijah wayne come may. i just know he is gonna be one cute fella. wow. may is going to be a busy month for my family, but with two new blessings..who cares. we're ready, for y'all now so please come out safe and sound. i'm already so in love with julianne and eli, and i have't even met them yet!
as for me, this about sums it up:
tooooo truuuue. yea, i'm good on that. 
tonight i am going to this restaurant with one of my besties, amy. we have been wanting to go ever since they opened but just have not had a chance. well tonight is that chance and i have SO been looking forward to it all week. i also have another friend whose birthday is tomorrow, so i might get outta the house and meet up with her and some friends i haven't seen in awhile. also, this weekend is easter, as you know. and i was going to look for a dress last minute this weekend, but my bff gave me a pile of clothes she didn't want anymore, and there's a perfect easter-looking dress, that i have decided to wear. which is good cause yo homegirl is broke. what about you? have you found an easter dress? 
follow me on instagram and i may just post a few pics. have a lovely easter weekend, fun bunnies!
"honestly, i just came up with it yesterday. we were at costco and she made the funniest joke about this dvd display and i just thought this is the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with, you know?"

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