Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kat & Julianne's Shower

it has gotten cold here again and i just do not like it. at all. like i'm just miz. anyways, hey y'all! how ya been? yes, it is the 15th day of april and i am just now posting for the first time this month. i really probably should get internet at la crib or i am never going to get better at this blogging thing. but that's neither here nor there, and today i AM posting. the thing is, i have like a billion post ideas but am just having difficulty spacing out a time to blog. oh life, why you so crazy?

today, i wanted to share some photos from my sister's baby shower that myself, and three of her friends threw for her the first weekend of the month. i [aka: my dad] was in charge of bringing tables + chairs. [thanks, again, daddy-o] and i also brought the paper products. we went with pretty pastel colors and i swear everything was just darling. i absolutely loved getting to watch her open all the cute little girl clothes she got. i swear, so many cute things.
here's some photos:
the set up. we had it outside. although i was really cold, [had to wear my jacket] it didn't rain and was actually a pretty day. 
the food consisted of all the food my sis has been craving. chocolate, coke [the soda, of course], reese's, goldfish, graham crackers with nutella, and cinnamon rolls + cupcakes! the lemonade was really good, too. definitely one of the best combos of food i've had at a shower. 
the cinnamon rolls were homemade. they were gooey, and i have been thinking about them for like two weeks now. i wondering if i could make them....hmm.
so many fun pretty little packages with cutie tiny things inside em. i swear i cannot wait to see my little niece running crawling around in all her teeny sweetie outfits.
my sis and i. oh and julianne.
me / my sis / her bff's sis, mary grace / my sis' bff / brooke (my neighbor + kat's friend)
me and my sister-in-law, liz.
me and the sissies. yep, they are both preggo and both babies are due in may. my sis is having a girl: julianne elizabeth and liz is having a boy: elijah wayne. SO looking forward to meeting both beautful faces come may. hoping to post about liz's shower this week, too. hoping.
read more detail about julianne's sprinkle here on my sis' blog. also check out photos of the nursery while you're over there. i swear it turned out to be the cutest little girl's nursery i i have ever seen. [i might be biased though] i should have taken some photos of what i got miss. julianne but totes didn't even think about it. i did get her this laundry hamper that i swear i couldn't pass up and luckily it was on kat's registry. kat registered at amazon and it was SUPER easy. i didn't even have to leave my house + with my prime account i got free two day shipping. can't go wrong with that. alrighty, i gots to get back to work now. i'm leaving here at 11 something to go to my moms for lunch. a birthday lunch for my grandmother, whose birthday is tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it. i got her a pretty gift, and i get to get outta work. 
win, win.
"it's okay, calm down. it's okay. it's called a brain freeze. if you're gonna hang with us, you need to learn to sip."
[escape from planet earth]

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