Monday, April 28, 2014

April's Goals

wow. i literally have three days and then april will be over. and i'm just now writing my goals recap for this month and last month. ugh. but this month has been crazy busy. please don't hate, alright.

anyways last night was crazy scary. one of my biggest fears passed through arkansas. that's right a tornado. it did some pretty mean damage to two towns not too far from mine. yes, you besta believe i was huddled in my closet with my most precious belongings.
i cannot image what the folks of vilonia and mayflower are going through. it breaks my heart thinking about all those families who lost their homes and their loved ones....because of a storm.
check out this sweet girl's post about ways YOU and I can help those hurt in the tornado that hit central arkansas. i'm very thankful to have never been in a tornado. and i really hope that stays that way.

anyways, let's start with march's monthly goals.
1. complete laundry room. fail
2. get foam for cushions and take all the materials to my aunt. success!
 [my aunt has all the materials and she said she'd get started right away.]
3. complete my no-spending freeze. fail
[but i did AMAZING on this and hope to post all about it as soon as i can.]
4. finish mockingjay. fail
[i'm in the middle now. i've kinda gotten burned out on this series but i'm determined to finish it.]
5. i a new rug for my my hitchcock roombut i don't know why i said that when really i just wanted the goal to be: get rid of old hitchcock room rug which i did. i haven't found a new rug i like just yet, and i think i'm going to wait awhile till i'm absolutely sure piper has gotten good at going in her box. so this one was a success.
6. do something with the boxes in my garage. success!
it feels so nice to have my garage completely organized. i really could fit in two vehicles if i had to. i swear it's so nice, cause most garages i see are pretty junky. not trying to hate, but i just couldn't stand having mine look like some people have theirs looking like all the time. woof.
7. save $250.00 success! i actually saved $270.00.

so 4 outta 7 this time. not bad. not bad at tall.
okay moving on to this month's goals. even if there are only three days left this month. but hey, i'm doing pretty good so far. there's two in particular though that i have been prooooocrastinating on fo sho!
here we go..
1. mop floors [one of the procrastinated ones]
2. finish guest bath.
3. finish collage wall in bedroom.
4. clean, clean, clean. [i have a list, and yes i have yet to get started]
5. make a springtime wreath.
6. organize my closet.
i didn't make a savings goal this time because i helped host two baby showers and then i'm throwing a party this friday so i wanted all my funds to go towards those three things + my crazy ole bills. i really haven't even spent that much but damn your homegirl is brrroke. man, maybe i need to get a second job on the weekends. or quit spending money on my house..that's where most of my money goes...but i love making it pretty! post coming soon.

and now a recap on my 2014 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS:
1. take more pictures. last time i did a resolutions' recap my phone was broken. well i have since gotten it fixed and have been doing so good at taking more photos. including more photos with people. i have made it a rule that if i have fun with people to take a photo...even if it's just one.
here's a few extra photos i took in march. i've taken waaay more this month, but since this is really march's recap these are the few i took in march. 

2. make plans. once again, i'm steadily getting better at this. april, has been better than march. i have about 3 main friends i hang out with and i've been making sure to do something at least once with each of them every month. two of them are easier to hang out than the other so i've been hanging out with them more. hey! if you don't wanna hang out with anyone besides your boyfriend, i could care less. i ain't got time to be begging to hang out with you. right?!

3. blog often. well, i posted 8 times in march, which is more than i thought i did. seeing as i only posted five times in february, i think that's a good accomplishment to up my number. here's all the posts i did in march:
sica's unfortunate events
march's goals
movies i want to see
my 30 before 30 list
february's highlights
a weekend recap
new shorts
a random post
seriously i thought i posted waaay less than i really did. dang, good job, sica.

4. stop being lazy. i could still be better at this one. and i have gotten better. especially this month. march, it was still cold so i didn't do as much as i should have. although i've been doing reeeal good at keeping my house and garage clean. 

5. be more thoughtful. i can't wait to do april's recap. i'm trying to remember all that i did in march and i can't quite remember. i gotta get better at posting my recaps at the beginning of the month instead of the end. i feel like i've done so good this month [april] but i'm doing march's recap.....i just can't remember every thing i did.

6. wear more dresses. here's the dresses i rocked in march:
the last pic is from st. patty's day.

7. read more. i deleted "be more active" so as far as reading more goes...uh yea i suck. i always get to the middle of a book and get burnt out. i'm in the middle of these two books right now:

8. learn to be selfless and not selfish. i really think i've been doing pretty good at this one. i've passed on a few buying responsibilities plus letting someone else buy the supplies for the stores. passing on those responsibilities wasn't easy but i knew it would be better for everyone else in the long run. 

and 9. make one or more monthly goals a month and accomplish them. well, i'm not doing too bad. this time last year i'd already thrown the idea of making monthly goals down the toilet. so considering i'm still making them and accomplishing a few here and there..then i feel like that is an accomplishment in itself. 
how bout you? how you coming on your resolutions/goals?

well, i just found out that one of my rent houses passed it's government housing inspection on the first inspection. i was waaay excited about this! this will be my second house to have pass inspection at the first inspection. y'all this is a BIG deal for me. and i can't help but be a little proud of myself.
like i said this coming friday i am throwing a small party for some of my girl friends. it's a pure romance party and i will be working all week long to get prepared for it. my little cousin is the consultant and she makes the parties SO much fun. i have been to three of hers so far and i have had a blast at all of them. i really hope people come. let's keep our fingers crossed. alrighty i gotta finish up some work things pronto since i've been a little bit of a procrastinator today. hoping to post about my saturday this week so wish me luck on that....y'all know how i am when i promise to post..i usually don't.
"oh, my God. i was going to name my youngest duncan, but my ex-husband thought it was too nerdy. so, we went with peter. which, personally, i think is worse. but it suits my son, so. oh, don't worry, you wear the name well."
[the way way back]

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  1. Loving all the pics! And definitely didn't too bad with March goals! Good luck with your new ones, and the parties coming up!