Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sica's Unlucky Unfortunate Events

i'm sayin.

wow. i swear february came and went in the blink of an eye. it's march and we are already half way through the first week. i swear it goes by waaay too fast sometimes. 
this weekend was a crazy one for me. it seemed whatever could go wrong, went wrong. i was looking forward to a nice peaceful night at home on friday, but things didn't go exactly as planned. i wanted to pick up a few new movies before my "no spending month" so i headed up to target right after work. i picked up this movie:
and this movie:
and one other movie...but we'll get to that one in a minute. i watched dallas buyer club first. it's a good movie, but it definitely ain't a feel-good movie. jared leto did an amazing job. i honestly could not believe that it was even him. like he took that role and raaan with it. he totally deserved that oscar. 
after watching dallas buyer club i wanted to watch something a little more up beat so i opened up my third movie i bought only to find out...that instead of grabbing kick-ass 2 [like i intended to] i grabbed the freaking first one! ugh! i knew when i saw nicolas cage on the cover of the disc instead of jim carrey that i had grabbed, purchased, and opened the wrong one. you see, i already have the first that's money down the drain. i guess i can be thankful that it was only $5. live and learn: don't be a in a rush to buy movies when you have a collection of over 450 films. 
anyone want a copy of kick-ass on dvd? it's up for grabs!

the next day i was lazy. all day long. i did not wanna do nothing. i just wanted to sleep the day away. so i did. later that afternoon i got a text from my friend, cameron saying we should go out and celebrate mardi gras since fat tuesday was coming up. well naturally, since i had literally done nothing all day but sleep, i needed a shower in a desperate way. so i turn it on and let that bad boy get hot. i get ready to get in the shower, step one foot inside, and it was all over from there. i slipped. like bad. my left foot came out from under me, i gripped the door with all my might, but it didn't matter..i was going down. and down i went. only to land on my right leg causing my foot to slice on top of two razors i had laying on the floor. slice deeeeep into my foot. the shower's floor soon filled up with nothing but bloody water. i tried to stand up, but got so dizzy due to all the blood that i started to black out. i laid against the cold tiled wall and took slow deep breaths till i felt like standing again. i was soppy wet, and blood was everywhere! i needed to at least wash my hair. so i propped my foot up on the wall, and just let the blood rush down while i washed my hair. i ended up getting pretty dizzy again so i just sat down for the remainder of the shower. 
 holy hell! i finally crawled outta the shower and grabbed a towel in hopes to stop some of the bleeding. i looked in the mirror and my face was white as lips, too. i immediately went into my room to lay down. unfortunately the only band-aids i had were spongebob and hello kitty, and only the small ones were left. i finished getting ready for the night, though. i was determined to get outta the house since i had been lazy all damn day. i tried four different pairs of heels before i just gave up and put my uggs on. 
i finally made it to my friend's house around 8:30. another one of her friends came out with us and we decided to all ride together since i was still feeling a little woozy. we get there and there's some like old person band playing. i didn't know any of the songs and my foot was hurting so bad that frankly, i was miserable. i stayed 1 hour until i just couldn't handle it anymore. i didn't know what hurt worse my foot or my ears from the awful music i had to listen to. finally i gave in and had my parents come pick me up. i was so glad they were close. i got home and immediately passed out. 

 sunday morning i was in paaaain. major pain. my foot hurt like no other and my leg and bum weren't much better. i slept restlessly. i wanted to just stay in bed all day, but i had my grandpa's birthday party to attend. after trying on 8 different pairs of shoes, trying to figure out which one hurt the least, i just went with my three sizes too big uggs and headed to my grandparents. 
my grandpa had been in a car wreck right about the same time i had my shower slip mishap so he was soooore, too. he's fine [thank goodness] just really sore from his van being flung down in a ditch. so we all just hung out and took it easy. [my kind of birthday party] that night i had plans to watch the oscars at my parents house. so after leaving grandmommy's my little fam headed to my parents so we could eat pizza and watch the oscars together. i got out on the roads to head to their house and wow talk about slick. sleet was coming down and the roads were getting pretty icy. but i was so determined to watch the oscars, that a little sleet was not going to stop me.
we all got there just in time for it to start. my mom had went and got pizza so us girls got comfy on the couch to start watching the awards. the boys came in later cause they were at my parents' new house hanging up tvs. my sis and brother-in-law decided to head on home since the sleet was definitely not letting up. i went ahead and had my mom start recording it since i decided to go ahead on home, too. man, i am so glad i left when i did cause the roads were horrible. the ice was really sticking and my jeep was not doing so hot on making it up the ramp to the freeway. i was getting worried that i wouldn't make it home. so i did what any jeep owner would do in the time of need, i threw that puppy into four wheel drive and busted up that hill. it was still not easy making it home, but i made it back safely. 
that night i didn't even bother setting my alarm. i knew we wouldn't be going in to work. and we didn't. we got another snow day. cept this was just like slush and ice. i had my fingers crossed and was praying my little heart out that the power would stay on.
thankfully, it did stay on and i had a nice day of recuperating. i watched these movies:
dances with wolves is a best picture film, oh and it's three hours long. and no, i did not finish it. one day, though, i will. one day...

i stayed safe in my house for all of monday. my foot was still in just as bad shape, but it felt nice not having to walk around on it. tuesday, i slept in and didn't come into work till around lunchtime. i was in pain, y'all. i did not want to come in but i had to with it being rent week...and having a hurt foot didn't really feel like a good excuse to miss a full day of work when i had missed the previous day. so i toughed it out, put on my big girl panties house shoes and came on in to work. i'm glad i did cause i know another day of laying around would eventually make me want to gouge my eyes out. plus one of my co-workers [aka our office manager among other things] cleaned, doctored, and bandaged my foot. [so it wouldn't get infected] and i was able to stay in my office for most of the day. 
tuesday night, i had planned to go to my parents house to finish watching the oscars. i was just determined to watch it all. most people probably think it's boring, but i live for it. i love the speeches more than anything and love trying to guess who's gonna win best picture. around 5 i got a call from my momma saying they're electricity was off. SAY WHAT? not another disaster!? why me!? so i stayed in for the night. luckily they're power came back on around 8, but they live 20 minutes away [thank goodness they're moving] and i already had my pjs staying in is exactly what i did. 

seriously though. seriously. between brain farts, sliced up toes, snow days, and car wrecks..the past week has been completely and utterly unlucky. hoping the next 7 days don't follow in the same pursuit. knock on wood. anyways, i finally did get to watch the oscars last night with my momma and mister elliott. i'm hoping to do a full recap on it before the end of the month, and after i see a few more of the nominees. 
today, i'm helping my little momma pack up her house, just like she helped me back up mine. she's a little on the sicky side so pray for a fast recovery so we can get all their things [that are in two different places] over to the new house so they can start living in it this weekend. y'all we are alllll so excited. 
anywhoodle, it took me three days to write this so i better end here or i won't getta post this till sometime next week. and i don't wanna do that. let's hope i can keep myself out of ignant trouble. 
peace out, girl scout!
"cause they were acting all tough and everything, but what they were rapping about was cupcakes and the chronicles of narnia. God, who invented cupcakes, anyway? i want to kill them."
[the office] 

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  1. I'm so sorry about your foot! UGH! I hope you're feeling better, no bueno girl!

    I thought Kick Ass is awesome, you didn't like it?

    Dallas Buyer's Club-I watched it this week. Yikes. So skinny... Like scary skinny. Holy cow.