Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Birthday + My 30 Before 30 List

hey there peeps! today is your homegirl's birthday. not gonna lie, i haven't been looking forward to it. but when i woke up this morning, i felt blessed and happy to be alive. i love my life. while i was getting ready the text messages and phone calls came flying in. sweet messages from my best friend, and family. i was walking my parent's dog [they're in vegas] this morning, and took in the view of my little house, the sun shining it's beams down upon it, and i couldn't help but thank God for this wonderful life he has given me. i'm going to be spending time with my family tonight, and i'm really looking forward to it. my co-workers have planned something sneaky, and i'm loving all the happy birthdays i'm receiving here at work. oh and they all chipped in and bought me flowers. seriously, i'm lovin this day.

so i've been thinking, what should i post on my birthday? well, i've seen these 30 before 30 list floating around blogland for quite some time now. one day, after reading another blogger's list, i got to thinking...what would i put on my 30 before 30 list? so, i started making a list on my phone. at first i was just being silly with it, but then i decided you know what? you only live once. and maybe i do need a fun list of things to work towards. then i got serious. there was one item on my list that i kept lingering over. could i really accomplish this one? the more i thought about it, the more i wanted it. the more i wanted it, the more i realized, ya know..you do only live once, jessica. so why not? this thing is something i've wanted in the back of my mind for quite some time. something that i could focus on. something that i could make possible. there's a lot of things that have not happened in my little journey that i've wanted to happen...well i'm making this happen. 

naturally i had to make that one thing i want more than anything, be number 1 on my list. 
 i guess you guys know what i'm saving my money for now. i don't care if i gotta scrimp and save every single month. i can make this happen, and i will. [i'll tell you where the obsession came from in another post] at this point, there's nothing i want more. 
and here's the other 28 items i came up with. honestly, these are in no particular order. just things that i would love try and do before my 30th birthday. and even if i don't accomplish them before i'm thirty, i still want to do these things in life anyways. you know what they say, no dream is too small.
i gotta be making a little bit more money at my job before this one can happen.
i don't know why, i just always wanted to shoot one. it's been on my bucket list for awhile now.
don't quite know who's gonna teach me, but i've always wanted to learn.
i've never been during christmastime but it looks like a blast.
ouch! i've wanted to get tattoo on my ribs for awhile, but i've just been too chicken.
[don't worry, mom, it's even smaller than this girl's]
this one costs quite a bit, so once again, i need to be making a little more moola before this one can happen.
this one makes me nervous. mainly the test taking part.
i have followed this blogger for forever, and she always shares her recipes + why she juices and this is just something that i thought i would like doing. this bloggy friend just started juicing, and she shares her recipes on her insta. i love seeing what people like and dislike. my sis just got into juicing, too. 
i've never gotten a message, or facial, but always wanted to see what the fuss was about. i have a gift card to get a message, but just haven't used it.
not sure which kind of party....
i have a huge backyard. and i love it, but i would definitely love it more if it were prettier.
i have a few pieces in mind.
i got 48 to go!
i just neeed these things.
my dad and i used to go when i was a kid. i'd love to see it again now as an adult.
i love card games, and always wondered how to play.
got the idea from this t.v. show and have shared the idea with a few co-workers, and they think it would be fun. we'll see if i can get it together, starting this year..maybe.
i know so many people that do this already so why am i not brave enough? i guess i just feel crunchy.
a lot of my 30 befores are work related. 
one of my biggest regrets is not going on this trip with my dad and uncle back in my college days. ugh why did i say i wanted to not miss school!? stupid mistake. hoping i get a chance to go again someday.
this one is going to be impossible.
it's out there somewhere! surprisingly, turquoise couches are hard to come by.
i've never been or even participated in a live auction before.
i've painted picassos before, and i'm itching to do another one. not this one, but i do have one in mind.
man, i hope soon, too. but dang ya girl is quite the procrastinator. 
something every girl needs to own to capture those great outfit life moments.
just a blogging series i've had on my mind for quite some time. will share more about this later.
own a part of my family's company. don't know how, and don't know when but i want it. 

and number thirty i am not quite ready to share here on my blog. maybe if it happens or i accomplish it, i will tell you about it but number thirty is for my eyes only. for now. 
well, okay then. there you have it. sorry for the long post. hoping to get a jump start on a lot of these this year. after all, i am 26 now and 30 will be here before i know it. 
i have a feeling that this day is going to be sweeeet!
"i have a very important question, and it's a two-parter. um. the first part of the question is, did a scientist make you in a lab? and the second part of the question is, can i stick my tongue down your throat, please?"
[grown ups 2]

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  1. Happy happy happy birthday! I Looooove your list!

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