Friday, March 14, 2014

Movies I Want To See:

hello hello everybody! the sun has been shining gloriously here in arkansas, and i am absolutely loving it! i swear sunshine just does the body good, and seems to put people in good mood. it does me, anyway. i have been seeing lots of movies here lately that i am just dying to see. some of them are already out on video and some will hit theaters soon. i thought it'd be fun to show off some movie trailers and feature some of these movies right here on my blog. and hey, maybe one of you's has seen it, and can tell me if it's good or not. i am on a no-spending freeze this month, so i've been trying my little hardest not to go out and rent/buy movies like i'm used to doing. annnnd i'm doing pretty darn good at it, too.

here, we go.
now y'all know i'm not a big casey affleck fan due to this film, but i love me some christian bale. and there's tons of other academy award winning actors in this movie, too.

 angelina jolie is pretty amazing, right? i just have a feeling she is going to go above and beyond with this role. can't wait to see this film.

i know what y'all are thinking. you haven't seen this one yet?! soon, people. soon. i will say i was a little surprised that this movie didn't really win any awards. hope that doesn't mean anything. i mean superbad didn't win an oscar, and i still loved that movie. 

i have loved the muppets ever since i could speak. plus this movie has a few of my favorites in it like, this fellathis guythis silly girl, and this fav character. i definitely need to see this silly little movie, soon.

the amazing spider-man 2:
if i had to pick a favorite super hero, spider-man would be it. i really liked the first one and have been looking forward to seeing this one for awhile now.

son of God:
i have heard lots of talk about this movie. i know i will bawl my eyes out, but it should be a beautiful movie and a good reminder of his love for us.

labor day:
i've been a josh brolin fan ever since his breaking role in this film. this just looks like a good romance + thriller movie. i like movies that keep me on the edge of my seat. this one definitely looks like it might.

another bible film. love me some emma watson and kevin durand...i'm definitely looking forward to seeing this film. i wonder if it's anything like this noah film?

everyone i have talked to has been so surprised that i haven't seen this movie yet. it's hard to talk my movie-going buddy into seeing animation movies so i just never got a chance to see it in the theaters. i think it's pretty funny that it comes out on dvd on my birthday though...which is next week, people.

i was going to try to end with 10, but i think 9 is enough for today. like i said, my birthday is next week! i'll be old as a mug 26 years old. wowza! i'm going out with my buddies this weekend to celebrate. i'm really hoping my foot is healed so i can wear some heels. it still hurts to wear shoes, so i guess we'll see about that one. i can't believe i'm posting twice in one week. damn i feel like a gangsta accomplished.
"um yea. i just had some ideas for the bachelorette party: costa rica zip lining, we could go wolverining, or what about ice blocking? maybe some glass dancing? chain gang? rubber ball dance? we could go to a build-a-bear, or how bout a gymnastics retreat? couple of golf rounds? tip a few porta-potties? ohh how bout fight club?
[bridesmaids line-o-rama] 

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