Monday, March 10, 2014

March Goals:

hi. how bout that spring forward nonsense. yea, it sucks. why is it so hard for me to wake up?! it didn't help that i was freezing my bum off this morning when i woke up. pleease just five more minutes! anyway, i'm here at work, and i got a webinar with nike today. i'm not really sure what to expect, either. i hope i'm not bored out my mind and playing the sleepy eye game. umm pass the coffee.

anyways, i wanted to do a goals' post today. i am linking up my post with miss angie for my monthly [+ others] goals recap. i really wanted to post my recaps here on my blog each month, so i think having a place to link up will help keep me accountable.

so let's start with february.
1. organize/clean garage.
i did this one half way. i got all of my stuff hung on the slat wall i had hung, but there's about 9 boxes from my move, that i still haven't unpacked. and it's been too cold to get out there and do much of anything. but i still feel accomplished for doing one side.
2. paint two bedroom walls pink.
did it! well i had my painter paint them. they look amazing!
3. make valentine's treats for all my co-workers.
read all about HERE. this was a fun goal, and i'm so happy i decided to do this. obvi they were a hit!
4. complete laundry room.
FAIL. i did, however, get knobs for my cabinets and hung up all the wall art. i have two very small projects i want to do, but i need my carpenter's help. well, he's been busy helping my parents' at their new house so i'm waiting for them to be done before i pull him off to do my tiny things.
5. get cushions made for kitchen chairs.
FAIL. i went and got the fabric i want, but i need to go and get some foam, too. then i can give them to my [great] aunt so she can whip me up some cushions. honestly, i just keep forgetting to go to the fabric store. 
6. save $280.00
success, playas! so apparently, i am better at saving money than i thought. course, i'll see how good i am at it when summer comes...when i can finally get out of the house and do stuff. 

now for march's monthly goals.
1. complete laundry room.
2. get foam for cushions and take the materials to my aunt, and have them made.
3. complete my NO-SPENDING freeze. [i ain't doing so hot...but better than i expected]
4. finish mockingjay.
5. buy a new rug for my hitchcock room. [piper has ruined the one i have now, so it smells like piss in there]
6. do something with the boxes in the garage.
7. save $250. [i struggled to save the $280 so i lowered it this month.]
hoping to be more productive this month. once the weather warms up i know i will. anyone else just completely lazy during wintertime? i guess in the words of dani, "i'm just hibernating." so true, but this little bear is ready to wake up and enjoy spring. you too? 

and now i want to go over my 2014 RESOLUTIONS:
1. take more pictures.
well i don't know if y'all saw this.... front facing camera is more selfies, and now i gotta ask people to take my photos, and that's lame. i'm going this weekend, to see if i can get the screen replaced.
2. make plans.
i've been doing so good at this one. i'm trying to make plans with at least one person each week, and i have been doing that. things will get better when we don't have to cancel due to snow, ice, and wind chills. 
3. blog often.
yep. i neeeeeeeds to get better at this. here's all the posts i did in february:
february's goals' post
january's highlights
valentine's day
a weekend update
broken phones & pikos
sooo only five posts for february.
4. stop being lazy.
huh i could be waaay better at this one. i didn't do anything this weekend, but sleep.
5. be more thoughtful.
doing real good with this one. i made all those treat bags for my co-workers, am bringing back handwritten thank you notes, and have started given birthday shout-outs on my instagram.
6. wear more dresses.
i'm hoping to wear them more often when it's get warmer outside. 
here's the dresses i wore in february:
[ cardigan-from a local boutique / tunic / tights / boots ]
sweater / necklace / dress / tights / boots ]
[ boots, dress, belt--alloy / leggings / necklace ]
7. be active.
i might delete this's just so close to #4.
8. read more.
i finished 1 book in february.
[i'm like on chapter 5 in the third book]
9. learn to be selfless and not selfish.
i'm doing really good at this one. i really feel like i have been being a team player, am game to do things i don't wanna do, and have been working on learning from other people instead of just figuring it out myself.
10. make 1 or more monthly goals and accomplish them.
as you can tell from above, i have been doing this. i completed all of them in january and in february i completed 3 outta 6...but still worked toward accomplishing the other three.
2014 is my year!
how you coming on your goals?
Monthly Goals
anyways, i hope all of ya's had a good good weekend. like i said, i basically just slept this weekend. i did go and check out my parents' new house. it's gooorgeous! and it's only like 10 [if that] minutes from my house. i also hung out with my friend, cameron, on saturday night. we talked till like 1 in the morning. course, most of that was due to the time change. what did you do this weekend?
i'm bout to head into the conference room here at work for webinar i have with nike. i'd actually be looking forward to this if i thought nike's stuff was actually cute...but i don't. i'll pay thirty bucks for a shirt with bling and sequins but i ain't paying thirty bucks for a shirt just for a tiny little check mark. but, hey that's just me. i don't run, i don't play sports, and i don't even own a good pair of tennis i'm not sure if my opinion really matters, but ya know i'm gonna give it, anyway.
alrighty, best ta go. let's hope i don't fall asleep.
where's my coffee?
"yep, i got four under five. one more, we could run a full court. two more, and i got pallbearers. sure, twice a year i think about the price of college and cry in my car for half a hour, but then i just punch myself in the face and get over it."
[what to expect when you're expecting]

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  1. *passes you some coffee*
    Looks like you did great with your goals so far! Some of those will get much easier to accomplish when it warms up, until then, I'm still hibernating :-) Hope your day got better!