Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flower Shorties

man, giving up shopping this month has been hard as a mug. there's been so many different things i've needed wanted, but have not spent the money due to my no-spending freeze this month. i will say, i had one tiny slip, but i firmly believe retail therapy is good for the soul. and let me tell ya, that day, i needed some damn retail therapy. 

anywhoodle, for christmas, my parents' got me a gift card to my most favorite store in the world. well, i have hung on to that gift card for three months now waiting on something reeeal good to buy with it. i swear, good things come to those who wait. 
one day, SF posted the cutest floral shorts on their instagram and i fell in love! 
i had to have them. i went to look for them online...but they weren't there. so i waited. 
then a week or so later, they posted this on insta:
i immediately headed to their site to see if there was anything i needed since their sales are few and far between, and i didn't want to miss out on this deal if there was something i had been wanting. 
LIIIIKE floral shorts. they had put them babies online. just for me. naturally, i added them to my tote. i also added these little guys that i had thought about buying with my gift card to begin with, but just didn't.
 i guess it was my sub-conscience telling me to wait for this sale. cause i got the shorts and shades for about $49.23 and didn't even have to use an inch of the card on freaking shipping. i hate shipping fees. 
as soon as i pulled these out of their pretty packaging, i knew i had made the right choice. the material is super soft and the color is even more vibrant in person. unfortunately, i can't rock these around town just yet. it's been sunny around these parts, but it's still pretty chilly even though i seen lots of people have busted out their flip flops, tanks, and daisy dukes even though it's been only in the low sixties. um not okay. i don't care if it is spring, it ain't quite flip flop weather yet. just saying. i was going to style these for ya and post some pictures, but what can i say, i'm lazy. plus with my impromptu hot springs trip this past weekend, i just didn't have the time and i really really wanted to post about these before they got sold out on their site. so head over and get you a pair! i will definitely be wearing these babies as soon as it's warm enough.
have you shopped at savoir-faire before? 
if not you besta start cause you are missing out, pal. anyways, it's wednesday here in ole arkansas and i'm thankful we are half way to the weekend. i have lots to do this weekend so i'm hoping it's a pretty one. 
"this is a bad time to be in the terrorism business. you read the paper. who do you think is winning? your miranda rights or my right to keep you in this room for as long as i want to? i don't care if you tell me the truth about your brother. i don't care who you work for. cause no matter what you tell me, your in a shitload of trouble, son."
[eagle eye]

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