Friday, March 21, 2014

February's Highlights

hey hey! it's friday, party people! i am finally getting the opportunity to post about my highlights from last month. just a few of my favorite things that happened to me in february. it was a good reminder of all the fabulous things that happened in january and i wanted to continue to do this every month. it's also neat to look back and see all of the good, instead of focusing on all of the bad. so here's what i came up with for february. some of these are repeaters from other posts, but they we big highlights for me. so here we go!

i found these poufs at target the first weekend of the month. i had been looking for some foot rests to go with the chairs i have in my living room. these match perfectly.


hung out and watched the super bowl with my family at my parents' house. the game and half time show were nothing to brag about, but i had more fun watching jungle book videos on my phone with mr. elliott.

painted two of my bedroom walls pink.
i know y'all have seen this picture fifty bajillion times, but i still don't have any art on my walls just yet. right now, i'm collecting things for a collage wall i have been working on. and i'm waiting on some help moving a desk that will go below the collage wall. 

finally got all my movies outta the boxes they sat in for nine months. i got them all organized on my custom made entertainment center i had built specifically for them. [post coming soon]

got in this pretty necklace i ordered from impressions.
i'm thinking i need to find a lavender dress to wear for easter this year, so i can rock this necklace.

enjoyed not one, but two snow days. the second one happened on a friday, so we got ourselves a three day weekend. i didn't hate it.
i even got to make snow ice cream.

had my first bunko night for 2014.
i came in last, as you can see by my three lonely punches on my name tag. that means i got the "boobie" prize. it was a bag of pecans, but since i don't like pecans i gave them to the second to last person..she had four punches. oh and the food was amazeballs. i even went back for seconds.

made fun little valentinesy goodie bags for all my amazing co-workers.
naturally they were a hit. read what i made to put in them HERE.

speaking of valentine's day, it was a blast. i loved passing out my goodies bags at work AND i got a few goodies of my own. that tub of candy was gone in a week.

i finally got my hands on a bench from target i had been eyeing for weeks. and when i went to get it, they had marked it down even more. glad i procrastinated a lot before punchin the gun.

celebrated my sissy's birthday with dinner at my parent's house.
elliott loved helping his mommy blow out the candles and open her presents. i'm so lucky to have the family i have. and i'm so happy we all live right here in the same town, so we can do dinner whenevsies. 

saw all of these movies for the very first time.
outta these eight films here's my top three:
1. the family [i want this one for my collection]
2. dallas buyers club [this one is in my collection]
3. the spectacular NOW [this one is in my collection, too & wasn't at all what i was expecting]

got to see one of my dearest friends from high school, whom i hadn't seen in three years. he's in the military and has been deployed quite a bit the last few years. he finally got to come home for a visit and i'm so glad i was one of the few people he got to see.
us three used to hang alll the time back in the day. we met up with another old high school friend and we all hung out till 6 in the morning. it was so much fun!

got in the swimsuit i order from charlotte russe.
i'm gonna have to get some color on my skin before i rock this neon bikin. i thought it just screamed summer. and let me tell ya, i am definitely screaming for summer! to hurry the eff up!

and there you have it. my february's highlights. 
here we are almost to the last week in march. no, i'm not doing good on my march goals. i need help on a few, so i'm sure i'll be scrambling next week trying to get more done. sometimes, i know my life would be easier if i just had a man. oh well i guess i'll just have to beg my maintenance always.
hope y'all have a good weekend. i have a few things i'm hoping to get done this weekend.
do you have plans for the weekend?
i know my post have all been in list form here lately, but hey at least i'm posting, right?
i do have plans with the family tonight to celebrate my birthday. i didn't get to do it on tuesday cause my brothers were outta town...but my momma is making my favorite meal tonight, and we're all going to have our first family dinner together in my parents' new house. i'm looking forward to it. my birthday was quiet this year, but i like that. welcome to twenty six, sica.
and y'all, i cannot stop thinking about the missing plane. i have read about it every morning this week. i never keep up with the news, but this one just has me lost and curious. seriously? what happened to it? i woke up this morning hoping the debris they spotted on a satellite was the plane, but still nothing. i just don't know what i would do if one of my loved ones was on that plane. i really hope we find answers soon.
on a happier note, it's friday.
"i'll be the number two guy here in six weeks. how? name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake. i'm always thinking one step ahead, like a carpenter that makes stairs."
[the office]

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