Friday, March 28, 2014

Beep Beep, It's Friday!

okay. anyone else have a hard time waking up this morning? just me? hmm i doubt that. what with the rain, my room being pitch black, two fans chilling on low, snug as a bug under my fleece blanket, piper snoozing on the chair next to me. uh it was glorious, people. but here i am at work. and all i keep thinking about is getting back home to that snooze cocoon. today's little posty post is a random one. i just felt i needed to post today since next week i'll be as busy as the president and probably won't be able to. 

so, first off, happy birthday to this guy:
ole v is one of my favorite actors. i was watching this movie the other day and went to look up the details of the movie on this site [like i always do] and saw that mr. vincey here had a bday coming up. aka today, friday. so happy happy birthday big guy! thanks for always making this girl laugh.

i'm getting so close to finishing my no-spending freeze. i've done waay better than i though i would. i haven't spent ANY of my money on clothes or jewelry. y'all that is a HUGE. i can't help but be proud of myself, even if i did slip and spend money on these three movies:
all good movies in my opinion. i also spent some on silly redbox, but hey i can't help it i'm addicted to movies. i mean that's better than being addicted to this or even this. [people are creepy]

do any of you have this:
a cartilage ring? i do. this isn't my ear cause my ear doesn't want to wear one anymore. i have tried so many different studs here lately and cannot find one comfortable enough. am i getting to old for my cartilage ring? i would like to wear one, but daaang it like makes my ear throb. i guess i should go and get some sensitive studs and see if that'll work. or maybe a hoop. suggestions? 

last thing.
soo i broke one of my fav necklaces a couple of months ago. i wasn't too upset about it, cause i knew i could fix it.
"she believed she could, so she did." --- that little quote couldn't be anymore appropriate.

alrighty, it's lunchtime around here in my world and i gotta deuce out! i gotta can of soup calling my name. you got big plans for the weekend? me? not so much. i'm just hoping to get some shiz done around the house. nothing makes me more productive than the last weekend of the month. gotta hurry up a get a few more goals done so i can at least say i accomplished one two goals this month.
hooray for friday nillas! i'm in a wacky mood today.
"i'm sorry you got free booze and free milk. shit, my fault, buddy! ok, do you even know how much milk costs? like, it's more than gasoline."
[21 and over] 

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  1. My weekend was jam packed with a wedding Friday and a birthday party on Saturday. I was exhausted by Sunday! And hey, nothing wrong with movies, it's your thang! Good job repairing that necklace!