Thursday, February 6, 2014

January's Highlights

hello all. it's thursday and i am already too ready for the weekend. i missed work on tuesday due to ice and bad weather. yesterday, i was busy playing catch up. i wanted to update you's guys on my weekend, but i don't know if i am even going to have time. we'll see if i can get it posted before this weekend.
today, i wanted to share some awesome things that happened to me last month. 2014 has started off pretty amazing. i wanted to share these monthly highlights on my blog so i can look back and see all the good stuff.

kiki la'rue posted one of my outfits on their instagram. i gained a ton of new followers because of it, and it was such a nice surprise when i was scrolling through my feed. definitely set the bar for january. 

elliott, my nephew, turned 2 years old the first weekend in january. his momma [my sister] threw him a sesame street party. she did such an amazing job on the food and decorations. it was so much fun watching elliott open his gifts and play with all his friends. read all about it on my sis' blog here.

finally got my hands on a particular pair of leggings i had been coveting. i had tried to get them from several different boutiques but they kept getting sold out. well i finally got a pair from kiki la'rue.

i saw all these movies for the first time:
several hitchcock films and several newer movies, too. i thought grown ups 2 was hilarious. i watched it several different times. out of the group though, i liked dial m for murder the best.

found some awesome boots for 10 bucks. they are super comfy and they go with just about anything. so glad i jumped at the deal. they're quickly becoming my favorite boots.

finally found my kitchen chairs. as soon as i pushed down the aisle at target, and saw them, i knew they'd be absolutely perfect. and they are.

came up with this cute little collage for a wall in my laundry room.

got to eat at the new north little rock newk's with my bunko group.

bought the yellow chairs i purchased at an estate sale into my office. they are perfect. i need to get the art i got for above them framed asap. 

my maintenance man, david, came back to work after being gone for three months. i cannot even began to tell you's how awesome it is to have my second and command back. 

went to newk's again with my friend, cameron. we went and saw bad grandpa after. it was so much fun just having a chill night with one of my besties.

ate at newk's again the next day for lunch with my mommy. i loved getting to have a little lunch just me and her. we went rug shopping together that day and found my living room rug, and my art studio rug.
we also picked out two chairs that would look great in my living room, with the new rug. my momma went ordered both of them for me. [i just gotta pay her back on one, tho. score!]

got addicted to the office. big time addicted. 
i've watched all six of these seasons and have three more seasons before i complete the entire show.

went to playtime pizza with three of my friends. 
[horrible photo, but whatevs] it really isn't what i would have picked since it was a million and one degrees in there, kids running everywhere, the employees were rude, and the pizza was gross, but it was something different to do instead of my normal saturday night. watching the office and eating pizza 

got to see a sneak peek of my parents house they are building. it should be all ready at the end of this month. my parents completely designed this house and my dad is the contractor. so yes, they are actually building their own home. and have been the decision makers on everything.
i cannot wait for them to be in town again. the house they are "renting" now is 20 minutes outside of town. so needless to say, all of us our pretty ready for them to be moved in. 

i finally found a small bathroom rug that matches my big big bathroom rug. i have a really pretty oriental rug i found at a flea market and it fits perfect in front of my bathroom sink. but i have a separate room for my toilet and shower so i needed one for that room, but wanted it to match my other rug. 
  naturally, target came through with this baby. the cream on this rug matches the cream on my other rug exactly. the door to the "potty room" hits so close to the floor all the other rugs i had tried were too thick for the door to go over it. this rug is just thin enough that it easily slides over.

my maintenance crew bought over the furniture i had one of them build. an entertainment center for my living room and large craft table for my art studio.
read all the details here.

had dinner and late night chatting with one of my besties, amy. we talked about work, guys, food, music and everything in between. we spent a good part of the night trying to guess each others emoji faces. 
here's a little bit what i'm talking about:
can you guess my faces? amy and i are hanging out again tonight and i'm crunk. i've missed our chats and i'm glad i rekindled my friendship with her.

my dad went and picked up the living room chairs my momma had ordered, and then delivered them to my house and helped me unpack them. i loooooooove em!!!
my dad said they reminded him of dr. suess, which made me fall even more in love with them.

four of my five stores got approved to sell NIKE. this is a HUGE deal. we have been applying ever since opening the second store. there's still lots to do before we can get product in, but we are all pretty excited around these parts. i am the primary buyer for this chain of stores, and i was swimming in nike confusion so i laid that task on my old man. he can be the nike/dress shirts/golf polos buyer, my uncle can buy the hats and i'll be just dandy buying everything else. wooo nike is confusing, y'all. but i'm excited to see how well it sells.
[to be quite honest, i'm not at all impressed.]

WOW. what a month! so many exciting things happened and i'm glad i made this post so to help highlight all the fabulous things that are going on in my life. i'm going to try my absolutely hardest to do this every month. 
what's something exciting that happened to you in january?
anyways, i'm gonna try and post tomorrow, but if not then i guess i'll update you on two weekends in one post next week. it's supposed to get icky here again this weekend. i hate it, but it was nice having tuesday off because all i really did is read. i'm in the middle of catching fire and it is getting so good!
happy thursday one and all!
"clearly i wasn't talking to you. i was talking to your partner over here. fake-ass handsome mcgee. when i'm talking to him, i'm talking to him. when i say, "shut the hell up," i'm talking to you."
[21 jump street]


  1. What a great month, and I seriously love your decor girl-you're so creative!

  2. whoa! so much has happened that i can't even begin to comment on all of it. i'm rather jealous of your nephew's awesome bday party!!