Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broken Phones and Pikos

holy moly donut shop! so so sorry i haven't been around these parts to update you's guys on my little insanely busy wonderful life. things around these parts are busy, but the sun has been shining most days so that always puts a smile on my face and makes work a little bit more fun. when you got to clean a house, and it's 32 degrees outside, wow talk about miserable. but i didn't come here to talk about rent houses, i just wanted to share a few things with you that have been going on in my little life.

starting with this....
 my iphone's screen broke over the weekend. wahhhh! no i still haven't gotten it fixed or even backed up my phone for that matter. it still works...sorta. the front facing camera definitely isn't the same...which means.. no more selfies! worst. day. ever. i guess this would be a good excuse for me to upgrade and get a 5.

if you like gangster movies then you needs to see this movie like pronto.
i loved it! please, keep in mind that it is violent and they use the F word like it's going outta style. but it was waay entertaining and the characters really made the movie. do not mess with this family. 

impressions. this shop is slowly becoming a new favorite. i have been drooling over all their new spring arrivals. like all their pretty spring colored PIKOS. i want all of them. especially these two new colors:

ooh ooh.. and i'm obsessed over these pants:
too bad they are sold out! that's the thing with impressions' if you see something you want, you betta punch the gun and buy it cause they're cut throat they sell out reeeal quick! unfortunately i had to learn that the hard way. 

i recently started following charlotte russe on instagram and i had no clue how awesome their website was until i went to purchase this swim suit right after they posted it on instagram.
turns out that the day i purchased it they were having a site wide sale + free shipping. so yes, i got this bikini for about twenty five bucks. score! and it was so easy to find. sometimes i'll see something on forever 21's instagram and then will try to find it on their site with no such luck. not with CR...which means i might be adding more of their pieces to my closet soon. 

a co-worker gave me these here recently.
she knows my obsession with keys. so she brought me some old ones she had laying around her house. now if i can only think what i want to make with them. i have a little project i am working on in my bedroom, so i'm thinking this will go towards it. can't wait to show you guys!

also, i've been thinking about this for awhile now. i'm not even sure if i can accomplish it, but i am going to try my absolute hardest. i'm going on a spending freeze for the full month of march. meaning, i will not spend any of my money on the following things: clothes, jewelry/accessories, movies, home decor, craft supplies, or other stupid useless things such as a sprite from the gas station or stationary cards labeled with a j. 
i am like ninety dollars short from hitting my february savings goal. i will have the full amount saved by march 1st if it kills me. if i do, then that means i will have saved $600 in TWO months. y'all. that is a HUGE accomplishment for this big spender. 
i working on saving up for something BIG, and i am determined to not spend my money on stupid things so i can get my hands all over what i have my mind set to. the goal is 10 grand and on march 1st i'll have $8400 more to save. i will be keeping up with my spending//saving progress right here on my blog. so fair warning, playas. honestly, guys, if i really set my mind to something i can accomplish it. and this thing, is happening NO MATTER WHAT! 
what's something you really really want to accomplish?
anyways, i have some other things i've been wanting to share with you but i just haven't gotten around to editing pictures and writing posts. next week, i'll post more...i hope so, anyway. shoot, i better since blogging more was one of my resolutions...and here it is almost march and i have post 14 times [tops] for the whole year. where do you get blogging inspiration? i think i've asked this before...
"if daddy don't get back soon it's gonna be time for me to start eating my pets."
[beasts of the southern wild]

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