Monday, February 3, 2014

Accomplishing Goals Left and Right

well hey there february! i am lovin that you are here. january was fabulous and i have a feelin that february is going to be just as fabulous. i am hoping, however, we have more sunny days than last month. sunshine is the bestest. right?
unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be preeeetty chilly all week. boo! like i'm so miz, and just sick of this cold weather. after christmas is over, i'm just so over winter. saturday was rainy, but it was like 50 something degrees and i didn't have to wear a jacket. i freaking hate layering, and wearing my damn jacket all the time. that seriously get old, ya know. anyways, plan on sharing more about my weekend a little later this week. today i wanted to go over my goals. i am really aiming to do that every month this year. i don't know what it is i just have a feeling that i am going to accomplish SO MUCH this year. oh and it's a good feeling, too. first i wanted to recap my main goals for 2014. read the original post here.
{my thoughts are in pink}
1. take more pictures.
eh yea i definitely need to make some improvement on this one.
2. make plans.
doing pretty good with this one. and i bet i'll get better once the weather gets warmer. lord, i don't wanna do anything when it's cold. 
3. blog often.
well i blogged 9 outta 31 days in january. pretty good compared to my normal 5. also i posted four times in 1 week....once. 
january's posts:
4. stop being lazy.
i have done okay with this one. i have been keeping my house cleaner than usual so that's a big first step. and i've been aiming to get up and outta the house on the weekends.
5. be more thoughtful.
i'm doing really good with this one.
6. wear more dresses.
if we are counting tunics {which i totally am) then i wore 6 dresses in january.
clearly tunics and leggings have been my go to when it comes to wearing dresses. give me a piko and a pair of leggings and you got yoself a happy girl.
7. be more active.
i think i'll start being better at this when it's not 20 degrees outside.
8. read more.
i read one book in january. and i am in the middle of a book right now.

9. learn to be selfless, and not selfish.
this is a weird goal. i'm not exactly sure what i meant when i made this one. i think i meant, trying to be a better team player here at work. i don't want everything to be about me, me, me. if someone wants to do that part of my job, then i should let them, and be happy that i don't have to do it instead of upset that it's not in their job title to do it. so have i been better at this? i like to think so...i really think i'm getting better at letting people help me instead of having the mentality that i'll just do it myself
10. make one or more monthly goals and accomplish them.
did it! all four of them i made in at least some kind of way. 
doing pretty good for the first month of the year. now let's just see where i'm at in june.
like i said, i completed all my monthly goals i made in january. i'm pretty proud of myself, because this time last year, i was already slacking. let's just hope i can keep it up. here's the review of my january 2014 monthly goals.
1. buy rugs.
i bought my art studio and living room rugs the weekend of the 18th. i still need to find my bedroom rug, but haven't found one i'm in love with just yet. but i got the main two i wanted and will continue to search for my bedroom, kitchen, and hallway. 

2. take down christmas decor.
i got it all put away the second weekend in january. thank you lord.
man, it is so niiiiice having an attic. yea the entry is a little sketchy, but i'll take that over a small storage shed any day.

3. install entertainment center.
yep. got this one done. read all about it, and other furniture i had built {HERE}.

4. save $200
i actually went above and beyond with this goal. i saved more than 200 bucks. boo yah!

i am just so incredibly proud of myself. i cannot get over how great a start this year is turning out to be. i can only hope that it will just continue to get better and better. i got some fun months ahead. hurry up may!
i wanted to go ahead and post my monthly goals for february 2014 here today. i know this is a long post but just bare with me. i really want this blog to help keep me accountable this year.
1. organize/clean garage.
2. paint 2 walls in my bedroom pink.
3. make valentine's treats for my family and co-workers.
4. complete laundry room.
5. get cushions made for kitchen chairs.
6. save $280.

i added two more goals this month than i had last month so keep your fingers crossed that i accomplish them all. yes, i realize most of my goals are house goals, but i love working on my new house. it's just fun. 
keep up with me on insta so you can see all the progress before i post it here on my blog. 
well what about you? how are you coming on your 2014 goals?
alright, guys and dolls, lets make february fantastico!
"he was trying to move on. he had a job interview. i saw his resume. it was a terrible resume. he mentioned prison and his special skills he said, "keeping it real," but he was trying."
[the heat]

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