Friday, January 17, 2014


is this ecard not like totally true?

target. we all love it. just admit it. and i'm sure a few of you's like me, have aimed to pick up one thing up, like a little bottle of foundation...and then end up spending $300 for camis in every color, new bowls when i have 10 at home, more makeup then i needed, scrap booking supplies for a scrap book i don't have, three journals, b-rated kids' movies, travel sized toiletries with no trip planned, cute striped headphones with a phone case to match, a decorative pillow, chevron storage tubs, five picture frames and a partridge in a pear tree. 
am i right? or am i right?

that's exactly why i try to steer clear of target altogether. i mean, if i just don't go in, then i won't spend $271 on just stuff. and if i doooo have to go in, because what i'm looking for ain't at kroger, then i don't get a basket. that's just too tempting being able to throw whatevs i want into a big cart. it also tempts me to stroll around the entire store looking at stuff i. don't. need. 
there is stuff i do need. like: their new spring 2014 home decor collections. um wow. they have some of the cutest and loveliest home decor right now. i've seen several things i need for my living room. i really want to use neutrals with pops of turquoise, and right now target has some exact things i have been looking for to spice up my living room. 
i'm just super impressed with threshold's white and neutral collection.
1. wooden key: i would hang this in my entry hall.
2. diamond print pouf: couple of these for extra seating in my living room.
3. nate berkus woven lamp: i just thought this would look good on the end tables featured next. 
4. faux shell accent table: i would like two of these for in my living room.
5. small snail: it's just cute. and i love snails.
6. washed wood floor lamp: i have a big lamp shade i'm not using, and i've been looking for a big chunky floor lamp to go with it to have in my art studio.
yes, i have two benches on here, but i can't decide which one i want.
7. tufted bench: i have a big fat ottoman, that piper sits on to look out the window, but i'm not really loving it anymore. it takes up too much space, and doesn't go with the look i'm wanting.
8. wood striped photo frame: i have NO pictures in my house. i really want to change that this year. and so duh i need some cute frames. 
9. nate berkus wood tray: i would love this on my coffee table, for remotes and such as. 
10. diagonal striped photo frame: another cute pic frame. i'm thinking display these on my mantel. 
11. decorative maze pillow: i'm looking for a few more black/white pillows for my bed.
12. woven jute bench: i like this bench, too. 

well, i am going rug shopping this weekend with my momma. [can't wait] so we'll see how much money i have left over after that. thankfully, a lot of these items aren't too expensive and i had a friend tell me they have put a lot of their wood frames on sale. we'll see if i am brave enough to try and go to target just for picture frames. yea right
what's on your target wish list?
have a lovely weekend, june bugs. june. so ready for june. being cold blows
i really don't understand your work. i do think it's beautiful. so does ms. rogers. i only brought up your name once when we were talking about strange people."
[the trouble with harry]


  1. Oh sweet blog friend. We are two peas in on horrible but beautifully decorated target pod. I had to change my prescription from the target pharmacy at one point because my $10 co-pay ended up being more like a $100 co-pay plus a lot of colorful things i "needed" for my house. :)

  2. As I live in Europe, I've never even seen a Target before! I am always so jealous when I read American bloggers talking about it, it sounds incredible!

  3. LOVE target and their home decor stuff! nate is an awesome designer.

  4. I have the exact same problem, and I'm headed there tomorrow to purchase #12 ;)