Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Goals, New Year + My NYE

adios 2013! and heeelllooo 2014! i'm excited for the new year. i think everybody gets a little excited over the fresh start that is the new year. 

i don't know about you, but i had a pretty fun new year's eve. i went with some friends to the rev room to see boom kinetic. i saw this band before at the peabody, one summer, so it was good to hear them again. they really did put on a great show, and played several songs i hadn't heard in awhile. this new year's was waaay better than last years, which gives me a teeny inkling of hope that this year is going to be great! are you excited for the new year?
loved my nye ootd. i got that dress a few years ago at holiday house and this is literally like my second time wearing it. i wore those earrings for last year's new year's and those as well, i haven't worn since. but hey, it was new year's so i figured i needed to wear something kinda special, right? yeah just go with it, ok. lips purse is from my favorite place, tights are target, and those boots are from my second favorite place.
what did you wear for new year's eve?
bathroom selfie to show off my pretty crown. not ashamed. 
and the best memory of the night:
see! i told you it was a lot of fun.
what did you do for new year's eve?
now, also today i wanted to share my goals for 2014. i'm doing my goals a little bit differently this year, so maybe i can actually do a good job at accomplishing them. first though, i wanted to do just a small recap on 2013's goals. check out the original post {here} [my thoughts are in italics.]
1. make monthly goals. ehh started out ok..then just stopped making them.
2. take some decorating courses. i still want to do this, but i just gotta find the time. 
3. plan a girls trip to branson. yea, never even came close to accomplishing this one.
4. make a monthly saving budget. yikes, this one i never followed through.
5. donate. this one i accomplished. i found the charity/organization i wanted to donate to and i've been doing just that. i donated to some other places, as well.
6. go to real estate school. just like #2, i still want to do this but i just got to find the time. believe it or not, i don't like to miss work...and if i take the courses then i will have to miss work. that's the only thing holding me back.
7. sell my house. wooo wooo! check! 
8. join a bible study. didn't quite get around to finding one...oopsie
9. make it to work on time and don't take any sick days. i've found out that making it to work on time is never going to be my strong suite. although i did pretty good on not taking any sick days. 
10. watch all the movies that have received the best picture academy award. i watched 28 out of 85. the thing that's so hard about this goal is that most of the movies are incredibly boring. 
so baaaasically i accomplished 2 outta 10 goals. yea not okay. and i wasn't even gonna post new goals for 2014 but what would be the fun in that? even if i didn't accomplish jack it's still kinda neat to look back and see what goals i set, anyway...even if i didn't accomplish any of them.

so what are my 2014 goals you ask?
like i said, i wanted to do my goals a little differently this year. instead of making a list of things i want to do, i want to make a list of things i want to get better at. so here they are:
1. take more pictures. i do take a lot of pictures now, but i wanna take more pictures with people.
2. make plans. i'm always waiting till the last minute or waiting on someone else to invite me..this year i wanna focus more on being "the planner."
3. blog often. i love to blog, and i would love to blog more than once a week.
4. stop being lazy. especially on the weekends. i really don't want to just laze around on the weekends anymore.
5. be more thoughtful. this one is pretty self-explanatory.
6. wear more dresses. i thought it would be fun to do a fashion goal this year. pssst. i'm wearing a dress today. 
7. be active. this one kinda goes with number 4, but it's just that i want to DO stuff this year.
8. read more. i didn't wanna set an actually number, so i just wanna aim to read more than i did last year. i'm already halfway through a few books right now.
9. learn to be selfless, and not selfish. once again, this one is pretty self-explanatory.
10. make 1 or more monthly goals and accomplish them. they can be finishing a book, organizing, my garage or deep cleaning my kitchen.
[i also still want to work towards watching all of the best pictures.]
you see, i am always just completely and utterly happy when i am busy. that's the best thing for me right now, is just to stay busy, be active, and fall completely in love with my blessed little life.
what's one thing you want to accomplish in 2014?
now before i go, i wanna go ahead and start on number 10 of my 2014 goals...
1. buy rugs.
i have three areas in my house that are in desperate need of a rug. so i will buy those this month. i swear it's going down.
2. take down and organize christmas decor. 
3. install entertainment center. 
i had an entertainment center made, and now i just gotta get it put in my living room. i wanted to wait until after i get all my christmas decor put away first.
4. save $200.
wish me luck!

alrighty i think i have talked enough.
have a lovely first weekend of the new year. hoping to accomplish lots this weekend.
what are you doing this weekend?
"now, let's get this straight. a chaperon's job is to see that nobody else has any fun, but nobody chaperons the chaperon. that's why i'm so right for this job."
[gentlemen prefer blondes]


  1. my christmas decorations are still up. i've never been this much of a slacker!!