Monday, January 13, 2014

My {boring} Weekend


let me start off by saying, i have no clue how bloggers come up with witty interesting posts everyday. maybe i'm just not creative enough but i'm lucky to get inspiration for one post a week. now how do i make that inspiration appear for five days? any suggestions? my ears are open. i guess for now i'll just tell you about my weekend. riveting stuff, my friends. 

friday was haaaaard. i swear the day went on foooorreverrrr. i was so so ready to get off work and get home away from the cold rainy boring work day. like, i'm SO sick of this rainy cruddy weather we've been having. i'm so thankful that the sun has decided to make an appearance this week. anyways i got home and was a little bummed that my first amazon prime package had not shown up yet. what? it said two days..not three! talk about a little frustrating. so i had decided to just clean up the house a bit. my kitchen was a wreck and my bedroom didn't look much better. it wasn't until a little later that i got a notification on my phone saying my package had been delivered. hallelujah! i had ordered these three things:
  rebecca is a best picture AND a hitchcock film so win win. the office season 1 i got for too good of a deal. and the movie robots was a suggestion from my bff. i watched robots first, and it was actually pretty cute. another good kid's movie. 

saturday i spent the day doing absolutely nothing. i made two goals: 1. to not be lazy and 2. be active....yeeeaaah those two goals are going to be harder than i thought. it's just when it's cold and dull outside i don't feel like doing shit. seriously tho, i can't even think of what i did. i baasically watched the office and slept all day. i dogsat my parents' dog this weekend, and i think the only time i even got outta bed was to take her outside and to reload my ice cream bowl.
next saturday i must make plans. or at least change outta my pjs and get some fresh air. 
what did you do on saturday?

sunday, i was waaay more productive. i popped right out of bed and immediately got started on packing up the last bit of my christmas decor. i took down all the decor on my front door, and am glad i did since i was the last one on my street to still have it all up. i will admit my tree is still up. it's not decorated by all means, but it is still up and ready for action. if only it was natural to leave up a christmas tree all year. i know people do it, but unlike my state, it's just not natural.
well y'all, i'm getting a little pissed here. have i told y'all how much i LOOOOATHE technology? well, i do. all i am doing is trying to write out a dang-o blog post. but, like every 10 seconds my computer just freaking freezes. i'm literally about to throw it out the window. i don't understand. ugh! now that i've got that little rant out of the way..maybe i can actually finish this post that i'm not even impressed with..maybe i should just take a break from blogging. what's the point? i have nothing exciting to share with you. nothing tight is going on in my life. all i do is watch movies, eat ice cream, and pin house ideas.

after hitting it hard sunday morning, i needed to relax. so i put on rebecca.
it was actually pretty good. and not at all boring like a lot of the best picture films end up being. i'm gonna work really hard this year to watch all these best pictures. hey, i watch enough movies, might as well make a goal outta it.

the rest of the night consisted of: a long warm shower, taking my parents' dog home, pinning home decor ideas on pinterest, getting my garage organized, and then passing out early. like i said, this weekend was pretty boring. man, spring needs to hurry up so i can get back into the swing of doing projects and hitting up estate sales. next weekend i am determined to do something besides stay in my pjs watching disney movies.
what did you do this weekend?

well i'm hoping to get the last bit of my christmas decor put up tonight. i also wanna clean my den so i can bring in my entertainment center i had built. here's to hoping i'm actually productive this week.
"perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. but i would like to let you know that if you ever speak to my granddaughter like that again there will be nothing left of you, but some red hair and an accent! is that clear, comrade?"
[parental guidance]


  1. I like your post! Don't stop! Plus it gave me something to read while I'm recovering so I appreciate it! I love your ecards lol.

  2. Girl, our weekends sound pretty similar! Movies and lounging. Hibernating lol. It's too cold out for much else! And I think others get inspiration from link-ups, at least that's where mine come from!