Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It Started with A Toaster

wow. the last two days have been CRAZY. what with these freezing temperatures and windchill's, folks have been calling in sick, calling about it being too cold, and can't forget about all the frozen pipe lines we've come across. i worked our little rock store on monday, and was there all day trying to re-arrange their store for the 2014 football season. hey, i got five stores now, i gotta start early. yesterday, i can't even really remember what i got done...yesterday is literally a blur. i guess cause i was running around like a hen with her head cut off. i guess i shoulda prepared for this winter weather a little better. oops. lesson learned.

welllll to try and get going on #3 on my "resolutions" list i thought i would post a little something today. luckily, it's too cold for me to really do anything outside of my office. hey, i'm okay with that. i need to do some filing and get caught up on the zillions of emails that are taking over my inbox. i wanted to share a few things with you list form, of course.

this movie. the best, right? have you seen it? a couple of weeks ago i bought some movies at walmart. well, i thought i had purchased this movie above, but it was this lame movie. yea, talk about disappointment. [they just don't make kid movies like they used to] so i looked on amazon to see how much they had it for..six dollars! i hit that "buy" button with no problem. well, it was delivered yesterday, and i couldn't wait to get home and watch it. naturally, it was just as good as i remember. i probably haven't seen this movie since i was 8. i forgot about a lot of the characters, and noticed funny things i didn't notice when i was a kid.
this song. love it. i even remembered it.
seriously, though, this is like the best kid movie. have you seen it?

i can't believe i just talked about "the brave little toaster" on my blog. neeeerd alert!
anyways, do any of you's have amazon prime? it is my newest addiction. one of my sissy's friends told me about it, so i checked it out; since i do get a lot of movies from amazon. so i signed up for the 30 day trial. basically, i get FREE two day shipping on millions thousands of different items. after 30 days, it charges $79 for the year. for someone who uses amazon a lot like i do, then this is a pretty sweet deal. also, i have the amazon iphone app, and it notifies me when my package is shipped AND when it is delivered. bomb, right? that's how i knew the brave little toaster showed up in my mailbox yesterday around 2pm.

i had the best ice cream i have ever had in my life yesterday:
i mean, i have had neapolitan ice cream before, but never blue bell neapolitan ice cream. seriously, life changing. i was browsing the ice cream aisle at kroger on monday, and saw this bad boy. well, i ignored the six dollar price tag, and the fact that i'm allergic to red dye, and bought this half gallon home with me. best decision i've made this year! anybody else eat ice cream for dinner?

this movie trailer made me literally laugh out loud:
so glad that they're bringing back the muppets movies. this one, hands down, is the best one though. just saying.

this movie:
looks insane. it made me tear up at one point. yes, this movie is definitely a "wait till it's out on dvd and then watch it at home by yourself, with the subtitles on" kinda movie. ha. it just looks like it might be hard to follow, but all the graphics looked cool, and my favorite is in it.

{six} not sprite. an impostor.
i dropped by a gas station one day to pick up a canned sprite. but all they had was this soda. i figured how different could it be? uh boy was i wrong. it was disgusting. how do people drink this stuff? i'm a sprite IN A CAN only kinda girl. i don't like it in a bottle, ONLY a can. such a fan that i even follow sprite on instagram. yes, i'm a hardcore like that.

okay. now that i have covered three of my most favorite things: movies, ice cream, and sprite. i think i can end this post now. i think i have hit my random limit.
happy hump day, love doves!
"mama, guess what? well, i'll tell you anyway, even though i think it's nicer when people guess. mrs. henderson said to call her at the telegraph office, cause she says we have a telegram. mrs. henderson didn't read the telegram because i couldn't find a pencil. when i have a house of my own, it's going to be full of well-sharpened pencils."
[shadow of a doubt]


  1. We might need to borrow The Brave Little Toaster... I haven't seen that movie in forever, and yes, it is the best! E would love it!

  2. I LOVE the Brave Little Toaster! I think I'll have to order a copy of it for myself!

  3. Love love love The Brave Little Toaster! You're so cute!

    And it has been insane!

  4. I LOVE Amazon Prime! I actually get it for free withe the Student program since my work email ends in ".edu" :-) It seriously makes me so happy- I hate paying for shipping! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. The sprite thing makes me laugh because that is so my daughter. She'll order sprite at a restaurant and they'll ask 'Sierra Mist ok?' she gets so disgusted and says no thank you.

  6. i used to be obsessed with sprite. there was this one store that sold the best fountain one and i would drive 10 miles for it.