Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing: The Hitchcock Room

this man, and his movies were the main influence in the making of my first completed room, in my new house. if you read this blog regularly, then you know i'm a huge fan of movies. all kinds, really. well, last year i really started getting into older films. like ones before my time. and hitchcock's movies really stood out to me. one day, i was browsing on all posters, looking at their large selection of movie posters, when i decided to look at all the hitchcock movie posters. they were all so bright, and different from other posters that it was like a light bulb went off in my head. how neat would it be to get a few of hitchcock's brightest posters for my house. i was immediately set on the idea. 
well here is what i came up with:
after receiving the piano from my parents, i knew that this room would make the perfect hitchcock room. i didn't want to make this a dining room, i wanted to switch things up, so that's exactly what i did. i had my painter scrap off the wallpaper and paint the walls with a flat black. i knew that would really make the posters pop. 
i found three of the posters on all posters, and the other three from movie posters usa. i really wanted the birds but couldn't find it in a 27x40 like the others.
i found six black poster frames from walmart. the chaise lounge chair was another hand-me-down from my parents. the rug i got a few years ago for around 200 bucks. the fake tree i found in the back of our warehouse. you can buy a bag of moss at hobby lobby for less this $5. and the black pot it's in, is actually a plastic trashcan.
i love that the psycho poster is the first one you see when you walk in the front door.
i thought the strangers on a train poster was a nice touch above the old traveling trunk. i'm sure that trunk has rode on a few trains in it's lifetime. [possibly] i got that old trunk out of an old florist shop that we used to own. i found that old whiskey bottle at my papaw's thrift shop, the blue canisters from savers, seashell was my parents, and the teapot was my grandmother's. oh and that old school cooler i found at a flea market for eighteen bucks. 
my piano is the kind that you can plug in and it will play by itself. so to hide the cord i put the drawers that i took outta the trunk in front of it. and to add a bit of color i added that vase, that i found in an abandoned rent house. the fun plant behind the chaise was another hand-me-down from my parents, and i got the plant stand on sale at hobby lobby for $12.
i'm absolutely in love with how it turned out. have you ever envisioned something in your mind, did it, and then it didn't come out at all like what you wanted? well with this room, that was NOT the case. i'm loving how perfect it is, and even though it's a little out there it really flows well with everything else in my house.
i thought about getting a new chandelier, but i actually think it's the perfect match for this room.
i'm so happy to have my first completed room done. most everything in this room i either found, was given to me, or i talked my mom into buying them for me. *cough the posters cough* basically, what i am getting at is i [just myself] spent a total of $245. and most of that was the rug. i'm not telling you this to brag, i'm telling you this cause i really enjoy finding things, and turning them into something beautiful. i guess i'm a bit of an american picker.
so whatcha think? you like my hitchcock room as much as i do?

i'm hoping to be back a few times more this week. i am oh so close to finishing a few other rooms, too. maybe i'll get a chance to share some more house progress. this weekend, i found two 8x10 rugs plus two new funky chairs for my living room. yesterday, i found cushions for my kitchen chairs, and today i'm getting my entertainment center and craft table i had built installed at my house. needless to say, decorating my crib has been in full force, and i couldn't be more happier. this weekend was absolutely wonderful. i got outta the house and did stuff. january has been a pretty solid and spectacular month...even tho i have been freezing my eyelids off!
have you had a good janaury? 
have a tandy dandy terrific tuesday, tater tots.
"you can take all that champagne stuff and pour it down the english channel. well, why wait 80 years before you can drink the stuff? grape vineyards, huge barrels aging forever, poor little old monks running around testing it, just so some woman in tulsa, oklahoma, can say it tickles her nose."
[to catch a thief]


  1. i LOVE how it turned out...and i've never met anyone who had a room like this!

  2. How neat! This looks incredible! I have a four disc Hitchcock movie series in the DVD player right now!

  3. Love love love love! You are so creative and talented!