Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Fantastic Things For Friday

well hello there friday! thank you ever so much for making an appearance. yeah it's cold, but i got paid and i'm almost done with a little project i've been working on all week. this week hasn't been too busy actually. i did however, complete all my january goals this week and i'm really looking forward to the weekend.
i unfortunately, didn't get a chance to really post this week like i would have liked to, but the project i have been working on is catalogs for my five stores. so this year, there will be no excuses as to why their store doesn't have what they're supposed to have. i really want to go into the new season, completely organized. i don't want to be scrambling last minute to order napkins, or footballs. i really think these catalogs will help, too.....or at least i hope they will. 
word is getting out that we have five stores now. i have been getting sales calls out the wazoo! i'm not going to any trade shows this year, i am doing everything by appointment only. well, i have come to find out that a lot of people want to make an appointment. my march, april, and may are going to be packed with appointments. i guess i better live up this slow time as much as i can. 

anyway, i wanted to link up for the "five on friday" link up but i just looked and 329 people have already linked what's the point? let's be honest, no one ever reads past 100. but, i liked the idea, so i wanted to do my own post.
i'm just not linking up.

heart sunglasses
from {here}
get you a pair. now. i love mines [i have two pairs] and i get compliments on them every single time i wear them. i don't know what it is, but they seem to just brighten people's days. old man at the post office loved em and couldn't get over how "cute" i looked, a girl stopped me in the office depot parking lot begging me to tell her where i got them, a walmart cashier said, i was stylin and profilin, and i can't forget the huge smiles i get from strangers as i'm walking into the grocery store. basically what i am saying, is that heart shaped sunglasses rock my freaking face off.
[pun completely intended]

 coupon codes
since i am such a shopaholic and my online shopping habits can get a wee bit outta control...i decided that this year i am aiming [aiming is the keyword] to get better at that. no i didn't make it a goal or anything. i just wanna try not to do it so excessively. so i told myself. self, you are to only make online purchases if and only if i have a coupon code. [amazon excluded] well, i have been doing pretty good at this. seriously, all the clothing items i have bought online this year [2014] have been bought with some kind of coupon/discount code. here are two little pretties that i bought last night.
rough around the edges cardi found here.
tye die cardi found here.
unfortunately, these two boutique are bout the only two boutiques that really give out coupon codes on a reg bases. it's very rare that my favorite boutique hands out coupons, but i got a gift card to there from my momma so i'll be anxious to use that when they start putting better new arrivals on their website.

pink walls
i really want to paint two walls in my bedroom a pretty light pink color. the main goal i'm going for in my new house to make every room super girly. i mean, it is a girl's crib and i want it to definitely look that way. my bedroom i want to be super chic and girly. and what better way then with pink walls. like such as:
i have big ideas for my bedroom so we'll see.

the office
i am quickly becoming obsessed with this show. i hadn't ever really watched a full episode until about a couple of weeks ago. i had put this movie on my amazon wish list and was looking at the "customers who bought this also bought" list and the office was one of them. so i bought it. i boomed through the first season no problem. like, watched in two days. so i ordered season two..well here i am on season four and i am officially hooked!

turquoise things
i was browsing on target [as usual] and i searched "turquoise" and what do ya know, they have about 9 pages of nothing but turquoise stuff. [over 400 items] and naturally i had to look at all of them. here a few favorites:
surfer shades // chair set // chevron frame // cross body purse
i definitely don't need any of these items, but i just thought they were typical target cute.
i still haven't been to target since i made that wish list last friday. i think i am going to go tomorrow tho. i got paid today and it will be a good excuse to get outta the house on saturday. i've been having estate sale withdrawals so i'm going to be out looking for one of those, too. hey i might even hit up the little rock target since they usually have better stuff.
what are your plans for the weekend?
i think i might be going out on saturday night with my friend, amy. we'll see. i'm also going to be working on my house some more. i thought i had found cushions for my kitchen chairs, but my aunt said it would be easier for her to just make some from scratch, instead of recovering. so i will probably hit up hobby lobby to get the supplies for that project. and i had one of my maintenance men put up slat wall in my garage so i'm hoping to get that all organized, too. man, it feels so good to be hardcore working on my crib. i cannot even begin to tell you what a dream it is turning out to be.

well. it has literally taken me all day to write this post cause blogger is being sooooooooooooooo sllllllllloooooowwwww! it's redic. ooh it's gonna be so nice to be away from this dang computer for a couple of days.
what's your weekend plans?
happy friday frenchy fries!
"how many of you guys have been to a party in the last six months? a party without a bouncy house. a party where they actually invited you. yeah. the party's over fellas."
[grown ups 2]

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