Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Call Me The Cavity Queen

DAVID IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! 
david, my head maintenance man, leaves this job and works another job for three months in the fall/winter. well, he came back from those looooooong three months this morning. and y'all i can't even tell you how happy this makes me. you see, we just make a really good team. and i can depend on him to get the job done, and get it done right. i definitely missed that handy bearded man, fo sho! alrighty then, ello all you lovely people. happy wednesday. we are officially half way through the week. wooo wooo! anyways, last week, i shared with you a few random things, and i got such a great response that i figured why not try that again. so here i am, ready to get random with you. all the following are just things i've written down, over the week, when they've come to mind; and it's compiled into a nice little list. 

so let's get going. 
this blog is my new favorite. it is seriously so funny. some of the posts like: this post and this post had me literally laughing out loud. uncontrollably. oh my goodness, you will have a good time reading witty and pretty for sure. seriously if you do anything productive at all today, it needs to be reading those two posts. or even this one. just trust me on this.

another blog you need to go check out is by a friend of mines...lady jordan ring. she is like a style icon of mine. i love the outfits she comes up with and posts on her instagram. she mixes patterns and materials that i would never think to do. well she has started a blog to document her fashion do's and don'ts. and when i heard about this y'all, i squealed a little. i'm telling you i am so in love with her style. okay now that i have revealed my girl crush, i think we can move on.

this. is my crack:
need i say more?

this place opened up in my neighborhood and i'm pretty crunk bout it.
now. i must admit, i've never been to a dunkin donuts before. but it involves two great things: coffee and donuts. so what could be so wrong with it? they sent me like 5 coupon books, too! so i might need to hit up the big double d soon.

this boutique is the shiiiiz nit! seriously, i'm not just saying that cause they have super cute clothes. you really needs to follow them on instagram cause they are ALWAYS giving out coupon codes. they at least do one [or two] coupon code(s) a week. i mean, i follow several boutiques on insta and this one definitely posts the most deals. and i love it. here's some steals and deals i've gotten in on over the last few weeks:
leopard tunic // sweet & sassy dress }
i am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with wearing nothing but leggings. 

i am obsessing over this album. i have listened to it non-stop since downloading it last friday. if you are not familiar with lorde, she sings that song "royals" that i'm sure a few of you have heard before. well, i decided to download the whole album after listening to a few of the songs. SO glad i did, cause i do not regret it, that's fo sho! go download this album! right nizzzow! not tomorrow. right. now. i promise you won't regret it. unless you hate good music..then you probably have lots regrets. cause you're a music hater

i had one heck-of-a-time getting my christmas tree down on monday night. well, let's just say i came pretty close to just throwing it underneath my deck and saying, "sayonara sucka!" but i knew that would just make things difficult for the next christmas. this year, i had to string new lights on the tree since my pre-lit ones didn't work anymore. well, instead of taking the lights off and putting the tree up, i thought i could do it with the lights still on. BIG BIG MISTAKE. i just ended up with a big tangled mess. ugh next year i may just buy a real tree, say screw the lights, and slam that mug on the curb when christmas is over. boo-ya!

i ordered these six films on amazon this week:
ahh the borrowers, one of john goodman's greatest works, am i right? oh and one of my fondest memories from my childhood, is when my dad checked my sister and i outta school to go see space jam. best. day. 
which one of these is your fav?

and to leave you's with two completely and utterly random statements. hey, i wrote these things down when i was half asleep so might as well mention them. 
1. i hate how my phone autocorrects my last name to "jerkins." well played, iphone. well. played. 
2. i saw a guy brushing his teeth on the way to work yesterday. it was full on brushing, too. i'm pretty sure the toothbrush was electric. like, seriously tho, he couldn't just brush them real quick in the driveway? like he was that late? why didn't he just wait till he got to work? i mean, i'm sure they have sinks he could use...mind boggling, really.

well okay then. dats it. another random post in the books. we've learned three things: i'm addicted to amazon, i have a shopping problem, and it's pretty clear that i'm the cavity queen. 
 what's something random going on in your life?

"well, i'm a little over 6 foot. looks like it's about three of me. so six times three.....ninety-two feet. ninety-two feet? that's really tall right? but they don't want you to get up there, so i guess that makes sense. wait. six times three....."
[friends with benefits]

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  1. I can't even tell you how much I want those bright idea leggings, but those places never have my size-boo! I need to lose some weight. THey're SO cute though!