Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 New Things:

ello one and all! i hope you guys had a good weekend. i did! friday night i went to my parents to see this little face. ha okay i actually came to see this guy and to rent a movie with my parents. we watched this movie:
it's nominated for "best picture" and although it was a good movie, i don't think it will win the award. i haven't seen all of the nominees so i don't have a opinion on whose going to win...just yet. deep down tho, i have a small inkling that american hustle is gonna get it. 
saturday was spent just being lazy around the house aka watching and finishing the office season four. i got up around four to take a shower, since i had dinner plans with my friend amy, and my hair was looking pretty sick. amy and i met at 7:30 for dinner at las palmas, a local mexian restaurant here in central arkansas. it was soooo gooood. as ush. we spent awhile there just hanging out and talking before heading back to my house. i am so ready for this cold weather to GO AWAY. we didn't wanna do anything but be somewhere warm so we chilled at my house talking till 1am. it was so much fun just having a chat night with one of my besties. 
sunday i was going to get up and go to some estate sales, but there wasn't really anything going on. and IT'S COLD. i just did not wanna change outta my warm pjs. so i just hung out, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, and started re-watching the office again. i also did some reading, and i am oh so close to finishing a book i've been working on. so yes, my weekend was a good one.
what did you do this weekend?

today, i wanted to share three things with you. i have mentioned on here a time or two before that i have been having some furniture built for me. three pieces of furniture at that. i had asked my dad shortly after buying my new house, if he could design some furniture and have our [construction] crew build it for me. well, of course he said no problem cause i'm his favorite he's the best dad in the world!  
my new crib is three bedrooms, so like in my old house, i wanted to have one room be my art studio. the rooms in my new house are HUGE. so i knew the small art table i had wasn't gonna cut it. it looked like doll furniture in the room. so i saw this on pinterest:
and knew it would be perfect. 
well here is our version:
the top is galvanized steel. i swear, my crappy iphone pictures do not do this large and in charge gem justice. it's perfect in the room. the leopard print rug i got at a local rug store here in town, and i think it really pops off of that. i love how deep the compartments are, and how much space i have to spread out. cannot wait to start creating on this mug. 

next...i needed something desperately for my ginormous movie collection. i'm talking over 450 films, people. i neeeeeeded this piece of furniture. my old house i had something built for them, but had to leave that behind. so i needed something for this new house. i found a few pictures off of pinterest, but didn't totally love anything just yet. i found these two photos:
and liked both of them a lot. except i didn't want to have any cabinets on mine since i knew i would just fill them with junk. i have a large wall in my living room where i planned to put in the built in, so i wanted something large enough to take over the entire wall. here what my dad came up with:
sorry for the horrible photos, but you get the gist. i am so overly happy with it. it is exactly what i was wanting. my dad did such an amazing job designing this. i haven't put all my movies up yet cause my painter needs to come over and paint the trim. and then i'm going to go buy another tv and i'll be super close to finishing this room.

lastly, the second i saw this pin on pinterest i knew i had to have it:
how freaking cool. my laundry room is small, but i had tons of room to accomplish this project. 
here's my version:
yep, i got her two litter boxes in there. she has been pissing in the house, but pooping in her box so i gave her two in hopes that she won't continue to pee in the house. so far so good. keep your fingers crossed. knock on wood. the door has the cover on it in the picture, but she goes in and out it just fine. she a smart kitty. 

well there you have it. the three main things i wanted built. i am so incredibly thankful to be surrounded by such a talented group of men everyday. i have learned tons from them & can' t get over how awesome my crib is turning out to be.
big special thanks to my dad for designing and making these projects possible. #blessed
i'm bout to go pull some orders for the stores, and get prepared for a buying meeting i have this afternoon. my daddy and i are going after the meeting to pick up the living room chairs my mom ordered for me. i cannot wait to see them! make sure you are following me on instagram to get a sneak peek of them before i post em on here. they. are. gorgeous!! i need to run errands for work but it is just too dang cold. maybe i'll go after work, i was going to do that yesterday, but the coldness made me chicken out. oopsie.
eff this cold weather! someone come take me away to the caribbean.
"alright, everybody in the conference room! i don't care if you're gay, or straight, or a lesbian, or overweight, just get in here. right now!"
[the office]


  1. That new furniture is AMAZING. SO jealous of the art studio table!

  2. omg ALL OF THAT is amazing. and i don't even own a cat.

  3. You are so darn creative with your design! I'm so jealous! I need a house!