Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shopping with Sica--To Me From Me

ok 2014 starts like tomorrow. can you believe it? i have no clue what i'll be doing for new years eve. i don't have plans, no dress has been bought, and no dates have been planned, but i am looking forward to the new year. i'm hoping to recap 2013's resolutions as well as post 2014's resolutions sometime at the end of this week. i don't know what to really expect of 2014. honestly, i'm just hoping it's waaaaay better than this year. i want to really focus on myself in 2014. i want to focus on my house, relationships, and other personal endeavors. 
what are you looking forward to accomplishing next year? 

well on friday i posted all about my christmas and all the different presents i received. your homegirl, was on the nice list for once this year and i loved everything i got. buut naturally, like any other shopaholic, i bought myself some stuff for christmas, too. wait, you don't do that? well i do. i don't wrap them up or anything; these are just some things i bought myself with my christmas bonus. sadly, i missed out on a ton of traditions this year..what with being a grown up and all..so to make up for them i bought myself some gifts. maybe in time, i'll be able to eventually be apart of those traditions again that i fell in love with as a kid.
so let's get to it, shall we?
this was the first gift i bought myself:
there's a new boutique that i've been going to the last few weeks and i got these bracelets there. i have a necklace that i got from this site and they match perfectly.
i got all of these movies and most of them were only five bucks.
i was going to give my bff this purse for christmas, but she's totes a purse hoarder and i figured she didn't need another..so instead of returning it, i kept it for myself.
i went to an estate sale by my house a few weeks ago. my heart dropped when i saw these chairs and they were 20% off. well, they are in my garage now, but will soon make their way over to my office.
[where they won't get caked in kitty cat fur]
at that same estate sale, i found this purse.....for $4. i love that i can wear it three different ways.
i also got these two necklaces at the estate sale. yes, i racked up. the black necklace i have already worn several times. the green necklace has glass beads which i thought were neat and different. both of these necklaces would go great with these two piko tunics i got:
i have several short sleeve and long sleeve pikos but no tunics. that all changed though when klr added these to their 25% off 12 days of christmas sale. i now own these two colors.
no more black ones in stock but you can still get the hunter green tunic.
alligator purse i've been drooling over at my favorite flew market. now mines! and naturally the time that i go and buy it..it's 20% off. [am i good or what?]
i've had this on my wishlist for awhile now. well amazon put it on sale during christmas, so i bought it. yay! i am the new proud owner of all 15 of these films. i've been in hitchcock heaven.
i also purchased these:
yes i now own 19 hitchcock movies. cray cray.
we've had a new little shop open up here in town, and i bought several gifts for my friends and family there...and then i bought these two sweaters for myself.
and well naturally i had to get in on the big after christmas sales. i got these from klr and all of them were 40% off.
heather wrap jacket // lace leggings (sold out) // lots of lines sweater
and then alloy sent me some coupon codes to use toward their clearance sale. and so i got these items for suuuuper cheap.
um hello ten dollar pair of boots..i had to buy these. the other three items are all out of stock, but on the way to my closet right now. holla.

well, there you have it. lots of gifts to me from me.
did you buy yourself a christmas gift this year?
hmm now i just gotta figure out what the hell i'm gonna do to celebrate the end of 2013 start of 2014. any suggestions? i have a few friends who are going to the rev room so i might just do that. we'll see. y'all be safe, ya hear? there's gonna be lots of goons out tonight.
hopefully i'm one of them
"all aboard the fitzgerald express. honk, honk! toot, toot! it's like i'm pretending it's a train, but it's not."
[we're the millers]

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