Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 2013 Christmas Wishlist

hello december, wow i cannot believe you are already here. pleeeease slllloow down! i absolutely love this time of year. my calendar is packed full of christmas parties, i've been christmas decorating up a storm, and finding a few christmas gifts here and there. i refuse to have anything put me in a bad mood this month. i wanna spread christmas cheer, by singing loud for all to hear.
so i have had a few of my family members ask me what i want for christmas so i thought i would make a wishlist like i did last year and the year before that. these are always fun. the last two years i haven't had any problems coming up with a long wishlist, but this year was a little hard. so i just started a list on my phone [typical] and have been adding to it when i see something while out shopping. once december first hit, i decided to not buy ANYTHING for myself [besides food, and crafting supplies] and going through cyber monday on a shopping freeze was no easy feat, my friends, but i did it! it was SO hard especially since my favorite site had 50% off their entire website. wow talk about will power. 

alrighty let's see what i have come up with, shall we?
i'm sure if you know me, naturally this is always on my wishlists. hey, you never know, someone might buy it for me. 
i'm 25 years old and i don't own any fine jewelry. unless you count my michael kors watch and my strand of pearls i've worn maybe twice. can a girl get a diamond up in here!?!
i have a hand mixer now that i use, and although it gives me a nice arm workout, i would like to step up to this century and get something a little bit easier to use. cause i'm a lazy american.
i'm still using the same purple and yellow towels i've been using since i was ten. and to be completely honest here, they smell. i've tried all the little pinterest remedies in the book, and i still got stinky, mildewy, cat pee pee towels. 
this is the ONLY gift card i want. please, do not get me a gift card to this money sucker. i hate getting gift cards cause they only get me in trouble. but i will gladly accept one from savoir-faire.
i always have some sort of makeup on my list. i have been wanting this bare minerals product since this blogger chatted all about it on her blog. 
i love me some pikos. i've been wanting a navy blue one for awhile now. i stole this image off of impressions website but unfortunately they are sold out of smalls right now. but there is a new boutique that just opened in town and i saw they had lots of them. hint hint
here's another clothing option. i would totes be okay with either color. you can find this jacket {HERE}
naturally i gotta have a couple of movies on the list. butter is hilarious. and i have been meaning to get it on blu-ray for a minute now. 
and my all time favorite ever. i have this on dvd now, but i have literally watched it so many times that it's starting to get worn out. i neeeeed this one blu-ray. oh and i wouldn't mind having the book either. another hint hint
my house is still coming along great. i need to do another update soon. one thing i need for my house in like a desperate rugs. they really do make a home more warm and cozy in my opinion. my parents have a sisal rug and i really like how it looks with their decor. i think it would look awesome in my living room with my big chunky brown leather sofa.
i follow this tatto artist on instagram [he rents his spot from us] and he started doing these skull collections with acrylics on canvas. they are SO neat, and right up my ally. he sells them at his shop. hint hint the one with the turquoise background is my favorite.
and to end things with my favorite i mean you can't go wrong with that, unless of course you give me pesos. please don't do that.

okay guys..yea some of these are a little silly, but i am telling you i did have a hard time coming up with this list.
what do you want for christmas?

okay..first and only post this week. as ush.
we are supposed to be getting some snow and ice..and i'm pissed. i hate snow with a passion. and what do you know, it's supposed to happen the one weekend i actually have plans. needless to say, i think i'll probably be pretty upset if i have to just sit at home by myself on a weekend again. that shit is getting old real quick. 
hope all of y'all have a way better thursday than what i'm having. 
"a slinky? oh, you'll get sick of a slinky in a day. i'm putting you down for flash cards. math--that's what you're getting for christmas."
[that 70s show]


  1. I've been pinning all the things I want throughout the year... and a KitchenAid mixer has been on my list fro awhile! I have a confession though... I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's! Guess I should get on that?! And actually, I didn't have diamonds either, so I bought myself a simple diamond tennis bracelet for my birthday one year- they're not too expensive, and earrings are even more affordable!

  2. You have quite the christmas list! I am heading to the north pole... eh I mean the post office tomorrow so keep your eyes and mailbox open! xoxo