Friday, December 27, 2013

Fa La La La Laaa La La La La

hello again. i hope all you bastards folks who got off work this thursday and friday are living it up and thinking to yourself how dang smart you are. seriously though, that's what i shoulda did, but i was tryin to be all responsible..blah blah blah. just in case maybe, just maybe some people would be tryin to get a kick start on their new year and come in early and pay their rent. psh yeah right. what the hay was i thinking?! 
well since the office is so slow..i figured i could squeeze this post in before next week when people are actually coming in to pay rent, and i'm trying to restock 5 stores after "the biggest shopping day of the year." isn't it crazy how some days you are just so slow and are thinking this sucks, i wish i was busy. and then the next day you're going ninety to nothing and you're think daaang i wish things would slow down. ha. 
okay. so like i said yesterday i wanted to share with you's guys all about my christmas. and i definitely wanna do it before the new year. i feel like for awhile i had some writer's block, but i have like eight posts planned in my head already. 
new year, new you.
my christmas really got started last saturday when i went to hot springs to see my bff for our christmas gift swap. i had to work all day on saturday, but went that night for dinner and a small get together. stormi's best friend from high school also joined us and it was fun getting some girl time in. stormi got me this big glass head and i'm itching to find a good spot for it in my bedroom. i got her a new top and a long hoodie cardigan. she loved both of them especially the new top. 
i wish we could say we partied all night long since stormi and caleb got her mom to babysit. but to be completely honest, we all called it a night shortly after 11:30. and y'all i slept marvelous, too. sunday afternoon, i went and saw them and the baby before heading back to north little rock to make cupcakes for my grandmommy's christmas party at her house. 
yes, i rushed home on sunday to shower and make these fun christmas cupcakes. hey considering how quick i made these, they didn't turn out too bad. seriously, though i iced them in like 15 seconds. zoom zoom.
like i said, on sunday i went to my grandparents' house for finger food, christmas bingo, and to watch my nephew, and cousin's daughter play with their new toys from their great grandparents. that elf [the one i'm holding] is one of my grandmommy's christmas decorations, and she has had it for over thirty years. my sis and i decided that he is definitely the original elf on a shelf.
we played bingo and i won this prize. we also got to pull a "present" out of a basket..and well everyone went home with a little stash of cash. it was good to get to see some of my family on my mom's side who i don't get to see as often. 

i had to work on monday, but after work i finished up my christmas shopping, wrapped presents, and made treat jars as a few gifts for some people. 
i wanted to get my grandparents and maintenance crew something they would really enjoy, and what better thing than food. a co-worker of mine gave me the recipe and it's super easy, so i figured this would be a pretty perfect present. 
you can really add whatever little chip or cracker you want. i just did these because they're my favorite. my co-worker i got this recipe from, adds cheetos into hers. [to each their own]
i got a few small gifts for a few people. i love wrapping little presents. 

and then the next day: tuesday, was christmas eve. like christmas just showed up. i still can't believe it has already gone and passed. i had to work for a little bit on tuesday morning, but my uncle let everyone go home around lunchtime. i had just one more christmas gift to get, and then i went home to take a shower and get ready for christmas eve dinner at my parents house. 
my christmas eve ootd.
my momma made a fabulous dinner and once again mister e was our entertainment for the night. oh it's going to be so much fun watching all my little nephews and niece experience christmas every year. 
naturally my pops popped the champagne for a little christmas eve toast.
after dinner, the door bell rang and we were all wondering who in the world was at the door. santa? seriously i thought it was gonna be santa, but it was this goooorgeous painting. my dad definitely surprised my momma with this one. seriously this picture doesn't do this amazing painting justice. it literally looks like you could just step into this beautifully painted forest.
such a wonderful evening with my loved ones. i was reminded once again, how incredibly blessed i am and how amazing it is to have this group of people in my life. people say this all the time, but seriously i do not know where i'd be without them. #blessed
[my tree with all the presents beneath it]
christmas morning came in a flash. this year, instead of going to my parents, we went to my sister's since we knew elliott would want to play with the trains we got him, on the actual train set that santa got him. it was nice new tradition and i loved being all mushed together on my sister's couch. once again, it was absolutely awesome watching elliott experience christmas. and i got everything i asked for..i guess i'm at the top of the nice list. which is surprising
my two favorite gifts came from my parents. i wanted both of these things very badly and i just feel so incredibly thankful that i now own both of them. cause i'm spoiled rotten
this was the second gift for me to open. the first was a cookbook from my pops, but then i got to open this baby, and i was so totally surprised. i still cannot believe this will be hanging on my bedroom wall very very soon. 
and i finally own some diamonds. i will cherish this gift from my parents for forever. [thanks again mom and dad] and here our a few more things i received:
makeup, breakfast at tiffany's book and bluray, leggings, and some bath towels.
gift card to my favorite boutique and a pedicure.
wore my new wrap jacket to my other grandparents for christmas dinner and i'm in love with the fit. so i've already bought it in another color...hey it was on sale so why not?

wow. seriously, i'm telling you this was another wonderful christmas holiday to add to the books. i know i've said it enough already in this post, but i'm just so incredibly blessed and i'm really looking forward to see what this new year has in store for me. 
so, spill the beans, buddy. what was your favorite christmas gift you got this year?
y'all have a fantastic friday! i have plans tonight with a friend, and ohh lord i'm hoping she doesn't bail on me again. 
see ya!
 "what are you doing? there are no weapons in this mission. i will not do time for you. i will roll over on you. you told me you were a mexican, not a puerto rican."
[employee of the month]

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  1. So apparently your family read your blog post about what you wanted for christmas! Looks like you made out pretty well! Love the earrings! I don't fully understand the skull thing but hey- it's totally YOU and that's what matters! :) I still have a little something I need to mail you - but with the post office line out the door I thought 'heeeelllllllllllz no i'm not going in there!" So you will get it - at some point - hopefully before february. :) Merry Christmas Friend! xoxo