Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Life Lately Post Before The New Year

welcome back from another marvelous christmas to add to the books. i must have been a good girl this year, cause i basically got everything i asked for. plus getting to spend christmas morning with my little family at my sisters house, was just a bonus. we all absolutely loved watching elliott open all his christmas prezzies. he got a big train set from santa claus and then we got him all kinds of different trains to go with it. he was in train heaven. 
anyways, i plan on sharing more about my christmas either tomorrow or monday. today, i just wanted to do a picture photo dump of photos i've taken over the last 4 months. i didn't want to be posting about these photos next year, so i figured now is as good a time as any to show off a few things i've been up to lately.

top row: 1. first order to pull for our new razorback store in fort smith. 2. piper wanting to fit inside my purse. 3. elliott on a day the fire truck came to his school.
middle row: 1. myself and the painting i did at a friend's birthday party. 2. like the best coffee ever. you can find it at target. 3. pretty clouds i saw coming out of work.
bottom row: 1. stormy [my parents' dog] came to stay with me for a weekend. 2. had some glass shelves i was taking to the little rock store and i totally forgot they were in there..which caused this big accident. 3. the thanksgiving potluck we had at work.
top row: 1. pretty clouds on the way home from work. 2. stormy snuggled up on an afghan. 3. picking pecans with my grandparents on a pretty day at work. 
middle row: 1. piper snuggled up on the clean towels. 2. halloween day. 3. a bird flew into our office building. it was quite entertaining watching them catch this little guy.
bottom row: 1. large leaf i found outside a rent house. 2. what i wore to lunch for john allen's [my brother] birthday. 3. we got new flags put up at work.
top row: 1. oyster dressing my aunt made for thanksgiving at her house. 2. stove i cleaned at a rent house. took three days to even remotely get it into a better state..and the new tenant still complained. #fml 3. elliott playing outside in his backyard.
middle row: 1. piper caking the living room curtains with her cat fur. 2. one of my friends dared me to get my favorite dj's digits at a club one i did. 3. the finished look of the painting i did at my friend's birthday party.
bottom row: 1. the painting my mom got my dad for his birthday. 2. pushed elliott around our warehouse on a cart. we both had a blast. 3. pretty sunset after a raining day.
top row: 1. my bunko group at our christmas party. 2. big incident we had at work. someone ran into the shelves with a forklift and the shelf completely fell to one side. 3. hung out with my friend, amy, [we went to high school together] on a saturday night. we went and saw this show at a bar downtown.
middle row: 1. got to miss work one day for a snow day. 2. new keys for our fifth store. [fort smith] 3. piper trying to steal some of my money.
bottom row: 1. flat tire i got last weekend. don't worry my daddy got me fixed back up on monday. 2. beautiful sunset last saturday afternoon. 3. we had a giant roof leak at the north little rock store and i was thankful to have some extra towels i wasn't using to help clean up the mess. glad to get these all up on the blog. some of these photos date back to september. so sorry it's taken me a minute to actually posts life lately stuff. i plan to get a little bit more consistent with my blogging in 2014. i thought about not writing resolutions this year since i never follow through with them...but i thought i would make some anyways, cause what's the fun in that. plus after the long year i've had, i really wanna focus on what miss elle said, making the new year, the new you. it may sound a little silly, but i really wanna learn to focus on making myself exactly who i'm supposed to be. i'm going into 2014 with a positive new look and i'm looking forward to new surprises this next year.

anyways, did you all have a lovely christmas?
here's a small preview of one of my favorite gifts:
a pair of diamond earrings from my parents. [thanks again mom and dad!]
to be quite honest with you guys, i had lots of favorite presents this year. big and small, i loved them all. now this weekend, i just got tackle taking down all my christmas decor. woof.
what was a favorite gift you got this year?
hoping i'll be back tomorrow but if not, y'all have a wonderful fun-filled weekend.
"how can such a bad influence live in such a handsome package. bad people should have a big scar or an eye patch so you can recognize them."
[that 70s show]

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  1.'ve been a busy one! LOVED the recap...and those earrings are beautiful!!