Monday, November 4, 2013

The Arkansas State Fair (Finally) + Two Small Suprises

hello hello. welcome back from the weekend and welcome to november. can you believe that 2013 is almost over? talk about cray cray. i cannot believe that christmas is literally right around the corner. it is, people. and it will be here before we know it. 

how was your weekend? mines was eh. everyone i knew already had plans. and the people i did make plans with bailed on me until they needed a place to crash. so needless to say, i'm pretty ready for this new week to start. saturday i didn't really feel good all day, and i still feel kinda blah. i honestly just want to go home and go back to sleep.

today i wanted to show y'all some pics that i took at the arkansas state fair a couple of weekends ago. i went with my friends cameron and misti; we had a big time looking at all of the fun little farm animals, and eating all kinds of fried goodyness. did you go to your state fair this year?
one of my favorite things about the fair is seeing all the farm animals. i could totally be a farm girl. i don't know what it is about a barn full of stinky pigs and smelly cows that really makes me grin from ear to ear. one year i asked for a cow for christmas..but i got a rabbit instead. not giving up hope on that cow. there's bunnies, ducks, chickens, donkeys, and this time A CAMEL. for your information the camel is my favorite animal and i will ride one before i die. but till then i'll settle for just giving him a good pat on the neck. i guess

so here's some photos of my state fair experience. i hadn't been in three years, but it was exactly the same. some of the rides, though. i ain't too sure about. i know they've had some of them since i was a kid. and i'm sorry but ya girl don't trust a 25 year old ride that gets folded and unfolded about two times a year. there's just something sketchy about that. speaking of sketchy..some of the workers up there were creeping me the eff out. ya know. i don't know that could just be arkansas folks for ya. i mean we had decided to leave before 8 because the last couple of years there's been gun shots. truth. geez little rock, can't y'all just host something and somebody not bring a gun. i mean i get that y'all are #3 on the top most dangerous cities in the u.s. but it's the fair?! can't we all just eat a corn dog and get along. geez. so we decided to go in the afternoon and miss the big night crowd. i'm so glad we decided to do that. 

naturally getting food was the first stop. as soon as my eyes landed on the words "fried mac n cheese" your girl was game. and that's what i got first. SO. GOOD.
with a large freshly squeezed lemonade, of course. misti got a corn dog. look how big that mug is! and that's not even the biggest size they offer. woah.
we chilled and ate our snacks before heading to the animal areas. the smell...ugghhack! awful but i just love farm animals so i held my nose and went in. luckily they had hand sanitizer stations set up everywhere. something they added since i had been last..
this zebra was so popular. i took like 15 pictures of it. but i mean come on?! the only time i've been that close to a zebra is the one my parents having laying on the floor of their living room. and we already know that just ain't the same as being that close to a living breathing zebra. 
there's was a llama that was full of excitement. he'd grab at your clothes and then prance around his cage. i tried to get some pics of him, but he was moving so much they all turned out blurry. 
that little baby llama was the cutest. she was sound asleep.
this little girl was too cute. she told us all about her hog and she even let me take her picture. yes, i am that awesome weird person who takes pictures of strangers. 
and here's the camel, that i wanted to let loose and ride all the way back to north little rock. but i refrained from doing that cause i didn't want to embarrass my friends.
i mean how can you not love those big huge black eyeballs?
after looking at lots of animals, we doused ourselves with hand sanitizer and headed back to the food. we were wanting something sweet. i got a fried twinkie just as good as i remember and misti and cameron shared a friend snickers. 
misti wanted to ride at least one ride so we headed to that section of the fair. let me just say, i'm glad they don't have food stands on this side of the park because i am NOT lying when i say it smelt like straaaight puke. blaaahhhck. yuck. so it was back to holding my nose. she picked out the ride that looked the least sketchy, got a ticket and hopped on. 
the best picture i could get. unfortunately, they didn't have a swinging light up ship, so i passed. misti was the biggest "kid" on this ride, which made it hilarious. after we got our fill of screaming kids and the delightful smell of throw up, we headed on back to the food. there was just waay too much good food. the smell of the turkey legs pulled me in and we decided that was our next meal. 
yes, i had the guy slinging turkey legs take our picture. he was about the only worker that didn't give me the creeps. we hung out in a little pavilion and munched on our turkey legs. there was a stage and a jamaican dude was playing the drums. cept we couldn't hear him due to the rap concert that was going down on the other side of the park. needless to say, since there was a new crowd coming in to see the concert, we decided it was time for us to get out of there. plus it was starting to get dark and we weren't really on a good side of town.
we decided to play one game on our way to the exit. we stopped at the game where you shoot the water gun at the target and your stuffed animal races to the top. i remembered it was the only game i was ever good at playing when i went to birthday parties at chuck e cheese. well those birthday party shenanigans paid off because I WON! yep. i won me a cute little pig stuffed animal. we left, even though the game worker was pissed we just played once. yeah he was the creepiest one of the night.
[cameron with the stuffed animal i won]
we had so much fun. and i think we really got our fill of the fair. until next year, of course. i'm glad we got to go. we didn't stay too long but i think we got to see everything we wanted to see in the time that we were there. nother fun memory to add to the books.

NOW for the two surprises i got to share. 
my sister and her husband
my brother and his wife
saay whaaat?! yep. that means i am going to be an aunt times three. just crazy. 
i am so incredibly happy for all four of them and can't wait to meet these babies. our little family is just a-growing. looks like i need to rustle me up some business, huh. can you be married to your career?
adios, folks 
"mother always said, my sister was like wood. as rooted to the earth as a sakura tree. but she told me i was like water. water can carve it's way, even through stone. and when trapped, water makes a new path."
[memoirs of a geisha] 


  1. That looks like fun! I didn't go to the State Fair this year, it just overlapped too many different things that I needed or wanted to do instead.

    My weekend was good! Got waaaaaaay to drunk at my party, but may or may not have hit it off with the guy I like... we'll see!

  2. looks fun! i've never been to any state fair!