Friday, November 22, 2013

Shopping with Sica-My Top 2 {favorite} Online Shops

this is oh so true. plus i'm just a sucka for snail mail.

hey guys. it's time for another edition of shopping with sica. you might be asking yourself who is sica? sica is me! ha. anyways, each month [trying to do more than once a month] i'll do a post right here on my blog bragging about showing off some of my new favorite things. if you read this blog often then you already know that yours truly is a big time shopaholic and i love showing you's [my readers] all of the fun things that i buy. 

this week i wanted to talk about my top two favorite spots. these stores i'm always willing to splurge a little more on and pay the shipping fees because i always fall in love with their stuff. 

let's start things off with this store: alloy
this store has been around for a minute now. and i have been shopping from it since i was literally in middle school. yea yea so what if it's a teen site..they have super cute stuff, really great prices, and it seems that i always have some sort of coupon i can use. 
i have recently bought the following and every single one of them i had a coupon. they still send me out a trusty catalog each month, too. i was looking through it around the middle of september and i came across these two things:
um. what? leopard print oxfords and a skull cardigan? they had my name written all over it. i went online the very next day with my 20% off coupon i received with my catalog, and bought those shoes. i was going to get the cardigan but decided to wait and see if it would get mark down. 
then a week or so later i was offered another 20% off coupon towards all their new arrivals. i picked out this sweater:
this sweater has been marked down since i bought it. unfortunately it's on back order, too. i still haven't received it and i order it at the end of september. lame!
and also got this necklace:
it has come in. {leopard geo necklace}
i received my leopard shoes shortly after this necklace and i think they pair perfectly together.
sorry, but they have sold out of the leopard print oxfords. glad i got a pair before they were gone.
october rolled around and i received a new catalog with new arrivals + lots of other stuff that had been marked down. one of those mark downs was the skull cardigan, so i snagged it.
they also have a pretty large selection of graphic tees and they had some really cute, but classy ones this time around so i picked out these two:
i figured they'd be fun to pair with overlays, chunky sweaters, and blazers this fall/winter.
and lastly i picked up a new pair of work flats. these are the best kind shoes for work, in my opinion. their still stylish and they have pretty good arch support for all the running around i do.
they have all sorts of patterns and have been marked down even more.

this next store is my absolute favorite: savoir-faire
have you checked out their website before? i swear they always have the cutest stuff that fits my style very very well. if they were located in little rock i would be absolutely broke all. the. time. 
they recently expanded their store so when they posted this coupon on their instagram:
i knew i needed to get in on this sale. especially since they had added so much new stuff including jewelry. i swear they never have jewelry online [you have to call and order] but they did for the sale and i was able to grab a necklace i had been eyeing with a few other fun things i had seen on their ig.
here's what i picked up:
i swear they always have the cutest overlays. {black lace overlay}
this is the necklace i got. they have already sold out of them on their website.
{native skull tank} i love anything with a native theme or skulls. i can't wait to pair this with some of my flannel shirts. they also have it in mocha.
and lastly i had seen kourtney kardashian post this lovely thing on her instagram and i have been wanting one ever since. well SF got in their own version and i bought that mug!
kiss me clutch should be headed my way real soon. 

and that's it today. i'm really trying my hardest not to buy any more stuff for myself. but it's been totes hard, y'all. like there's just too much fun everywhere. what's a girl to do? any suggestions for this serious shopaholic? i think i need help. admitting you need help is the first step right? 
anyways, i'm hoping to post about my latest stitchfix package next week. it turned out to be the best one yet. i have another coming again in the next few days and i've been on pins and needles wondering what they sent me. the last box i received totally redeemed this company. i was going to stop signing up, but looky here i'm about to receive my fifth package. crazy.
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okay, i'm done talking about shopping. i'm bout to hit up sam's to pick up my sam's card that i left at the membership desk this morning. fml. and then finish up the day with some christmas orders for the stores. have a fantastic friday afternoon! i totes wish the sun was out around here.
i don't have big plans for the weekend. maybe go out with my girl friends if we can bare the cold. 
do you have plans?
as ush tgif!
"what are you talking about? you waited till the car was around the corner before you threw something."
[step up]

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