Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marvelous Darling, Just Marvelous

yes, i had a marvelous, marvelous weekend. i was in a great mood all weekend, and i actually got outta they house and DID something. those are the best kinds of weekends, am i right? so since i had such a marvelous weekend i am going to share it here on the ole bloggy. 

starting with friday:
which started out right, when i came into my office and a co-worked had left me those two muffins. blueberry and banana nut..mmm they literally hit the spot with my morning cup of joe. after work i went to walmart to pick up a few christmas movies + pick up the new superman movie. i made another pan of the pumpkin dessert i made for bunko last tuesday. then spent the rest of the night snacking on junk food and watching these two movies:

saturday and sunday:
 were both packed filled with one of my most favoritest hobbies eveeeeerrr...shopping!
i hit up kohls, [new clothes + a few christmas gifts] a few shops and boutiques that i just wanted to check out for the heck of it, kroger [groceries for my thanksgiving desserts i'm making this week] and the dollar tree. [stuff for my operation christmas child shoe boxes] i literally shopped till i dropped on saturday. and then woke up the next morning and hit up a few more places till around two. so much fun!
photos from saturday and sunday:
1. the weather this weekend.
2. giant rugs at a rug store i went and check out.
3. my goodies from dollar tree and kroger.
4. group text from my aunt asking me to make that tasty pumpkin dessert for dinner at her house on wednesday.
[word must be getting around]
5. a sleepy piper
6. wrapping my shoe boxes for operation christmas child.
7. nachos for dinner.
8. more humongous rugs.
9. end tables at the rug store that i think i might get for my den.
10. pre-lit garland i got at walmart.
11. my christmas child boxes complete.
12. the rug i would really like for my bedroom.
13. lauren conrad blouse i liked at kohls but didn't buy.
14. a sneak peek into my christmas child boxes.
15. wrapped some green and white garland together, and started decorating for christmas.
16. lauren conrad ohh la la sweater i also regrettably passed up at kohls.

i did have plans with one of my friends on saturday night, but she bailed cause she had got a little sleepy...so i stayed in for the rest of the night. organized all the new clothes i brought home, snacked on pumpkin dessert and watched christmas movies. it was a good night.

sunday afternoon, after my morning shopping escapades, i went with my mom and sister to this neat thing they do here in north little rock around this time of year: holiday home tours. basically, they pick five homes in either north little rock or sherwood and you can take a tour of their home and see it all decorated for christmas. they are always super nice fancy houses, and usually an interior designer comes and does the decorating. it's neat to get ideas and inspiration, which is why i did myself some christmas decorating on sunday night. 
after the home tours, we went back to my sissy's house to "help" the boys hang christmas lights. my sister had already done herself a bit of decorating too:
she made all this herself. pretty cool, right? 
mom, kat, mister elliott, and i hung out and watched a charlie brown thanksgiving. it was a lot of fun. that silly little boy is just so smart and i love getting to spend time with him and my family on the weekends. [without worrying about work]

the rest of the night i spent decorating. i got something pretty fabulous in the works right now and i am just looking for the perfect centerpiece before i reveal it here or on my instagram. i will be decorating all week long and i am just TOO excited to share it all with you's.
i didn't get to do any decorating last night, however because i was making these:
and that's just the first batch. i made over 5 dozens cookies last night for our annual thanksgiving potluck we have here at work. this was my first time making chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but i did it! and they taste amazing. wow i am getting good at this cooking/baking thing.
anyways, i have such a busy fun week and i am just going to soak it up. i literally just love this time of year.
peace out, sweet cakes!
"welcome to the holiday hotel ballroom. i'll be you waiter this evening, but unlike a normal waiter, i despise and may try to destroy you."
[that 70s show]


  1. That looks like such a fun weekend!

  2. Those end tables are AMAZING. So Gatsby looking. And those rugs make me wish I had hard floors instead of carpet so I could buy cute rugs!

  3. You have been shopping and cooking up a storm over there! Love it! Can't wait to see the place all decorated!