Friday, November 15, 2013

Let's Do A Confess Sesh

well hello, friday! it is so so nice to see you. i'm glad you are here, cause i've been looking forward to seeing you since i ran into monday earlier this week. this morning has already been so busy. signing up new tenants, taking rent, checking out the demolition at a rent house, dealing with ignant goofy tenants that can't get over themselves, and trying to figure out which stores need replica helmets. ohh friday, so glad you're here. i have just been too ready for the weekend this week. ya feel me? it's just that this weekend i actually have plans. and i'm not talking about plans with my bed, either. my parents are coming by, on saturday for a work day at my house, and then that night i'm going to a show with one of my best friends. so i should have a pretty busy day on saturday. what are your saturday plans? 

today, i wanted to switch my weekly blog post up and do a confess sesh. i've done this before and got some fun feedback and i see other bloggers do it all the time. unfortunately, i don't have any juicy secrets to share with you this time. sawry. 

1. i confess...that i've been watching this christmas movie all week:
 and when i say all week, i mean this movie is all i have watched. nothing else. i swear i have relationships with movies. sure, i have switched it up and watched both the widescreen and full screen versions but other than that, just this movie. it's not even really that great of a movie. most people would even say it's awful. but, shoot i don't care. i watch what i want!

2. i confess...that i hadn't ever seen this movie until about three weeks ago:
i know i'm just as shocked as you. i watched this movie for about two weeks straight. i don't know i think i just like to have a movie memorized from beginning to end. not to mention, the soundtrack is legit. 

3. i confess...that i've been listening to christmas music since the beginning of the month. i told myself in october that i wasn't gonna start listening to it until at least after thanksgiving. but i could not stop myself..and i won't. hey it's not all i'm listening to right now. i just have it shuffled in with my marilyn monroe and gorillaz stations on pandora. not a bad mix if i do say so myself.

4. i confess...that i got this lamp from ikea back in july when my sister and i went to dallas for liz's [our sissy-in-law] bachelorette party. yes, back in july. well i finally put that lamp together two weeks ago. #lazystatus
posted this pic on instagram:

5. i confess...i may or may not be a teeny bit guilty of this:

6. i confess...that i have bunko at my house in less than a week. i need to be cleaning and preparing for it, but i haven't. dum dum duuuuum! honestly ugh when i get home from work i just want to sit around and eat sunflower seeds while watching four christmases for the thirteenth time. 

7. i confess...i haven't worn a watch all week. not because i've forgotten to put it on like usual but because i burned the snickerdoodle outta my arm with my flat iron.
and if we are being totally honest, and spilling the beans here, i cried a little. and was just plain pitiful for the rest of the day on sunday. 

8. i confess...that i'm slowly growing very fond of this site [again] and this blog. 
you're welcome.

9. i confess...that i drank the rest of a random stranger's water on tuesday night. i was thirsty as all get out and i swear i was literally dying of thirst. just dying. i didn't know what i was gonna do, until i found someone had left their water still on the table so i downed that sucker. sucked it dry, even. went home and drank more water outta the same glass. needless to say the last two days i have felt kinda puny. i don't know if i caught something or what, but the last two days i just felt weird. but i feel much much better today and i'm ready to get lots done here at work before the weekend hits.

10. i took me a week and a half to write this post.

what are some of your confessions? come on, time to spill the beans, buddy. i know all of these were all really silly, and not at all the juiciest of secrets but eh i don't got a lot going on..except for this weekend. holla!
tee gee eye eff! let's make it a good one, ight.
"what are you talking about? dad, she was a cashier. that's not really a career. that would fall under the category of a job."
[four christmases]

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  1. LOVE Four Christmases,... and being lazy! Hey, sometimes you just need to recharge! And um... OUCH! I hope it's getting better!