Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's That Time Again

hi there. yes, it is that time again. time for me to show off another rent house we flipped. i really enjoy a good before and after photo sessh so i hope you enjoy these. this was a big flip for us. we bought this house earlier this year and for some reason it feels like it's been an all year project. mainly because we've had to stop working on it to get other projects done. and the painting seemed to take the longest, since ever inch of this house needed paint in a really bad way. this house didn't really become a top priority until about a month ago. and now it's rented and we can work real hard on our next projects.

so here we go. this house is three bedrooms, with one and half baths. and really this house just needed some updating, new floors, paint, and some love.  
introducing.. whippoorwill [that's the street name]
definitely no longer a sight for sore eyes. all the neighbors really liked the outside paint job just as much as we do. 
this is the den right when you walk in the front door. new floors really can make a room look 10 million times better. 
this is the entry hall + the kitchen. we decided to open it up and add doors that lead out to the back yard. it definitely makes things more spacious and you don't have to go out the front door in order to get to the back.
the doors turned out pretty awesome, if i do say so myself. so glad we decided to do that.
basically a brand new kitchen. that fridge came from my house i love the new counter tops, and of course the new tile flooring. 
off of the kitchen there is a second den. the previous owners had clearly closed in the garage to make a sorta work shop. it was dark and just unfinished. well we fixed it up, added the window, and even made that closet the new laundry room. turned out to be my favorite room.
this is the first bedroom right off the kitchen. it had an entry to the half bath that's in the master bedroom but we closed it in to give the "parents" a little more privacy. 
 this is another view of the front den. if you come out the first bedroom and go down the hall that gets ya to the other two bedrooms. i wouldn't mind having the bedroom off the kitchen.
and this is the hallway. now i know the paint we use is not the most glamorous color but it sure is a lot prettier than that powder blue, am i right?
 this is the full bath that's in the hallway. luckily we didn't have to do too much; just paint and a good scrub down.
this is the bedroom right next to the bathroom. i think the laminate flooring looks so much better than the floor they had before. oh and all the closets now have doors.
 and this is the master bedroom.
and here is the half bath that's in the master bedroom. see, no more entrance to that first bedroom. 
here's another view. it looks much, much better than it did before. 
and here's the backyard. it looks like a totally different house. the little deck turned out so nice. like i can't get over how amazing this house turned out to be. and i got a really good tenant in it who has already moved in and hasn't made one complaint. 

i gotta hand it to my dad, his vision for things is really remarkable. he comes up with all the plans, and then gives out each job to each guy that has the skill to do it. he gets together all the materials, and makes sure things go as planned. seriously, i'm so thankful i getta work with him everyday. not just because he's my dad, but because he is so talented. i'm lucky to get to learn all kinds of different things from him every single day. i feel like i've learned more from him these past fours years we've been working together than the thirteen years i spent in public school. just saying.
[dad, you rock!]

anyways, i thought i was going to be cleaning a house right now so that the people renting it can move in tomorrow, buuuut they don't have it finished. story of my life. i have tried cleaning this house four times this week and it's still. not. ready. sooooo i gotta wear cleaning clothes again tomorrow so i can clean it while the new folks are at work. i hate last minuting things but what can you do. i did get to pick some pecans with my grandparents, cousin and another co-worker today so that was a nice change of pace. have i told y'all how much i love my job? oh i have? well it's true. yea cleaning houses, turning on utilities, power washing stove tops, picking pecans, and taking rent may not sound like the most glamorous job, but it keeps me pretty happy. it's just really nice to be needed. and to not have a strict routine is oh so nice.
do you love your job?
well, i probably won't be back here tomorrow cause i'll be cleaning so i hope y'all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. i have lots to do to get ready for bunko to be hosted at my house this month. hoping i actually get out of bed and get some of it done. ha!
 "solstein donagan did not buy bolton village to get into the landlord business. solstein donagan bought bolton village to get into the skyline business, plain and simple."
[broken city]


  1. It looks so good! I really love these posts, I love before and after photos!

  2. Watching House Hunters is my total guilty pleasure, so seeing posts like this completely intrigue me! I love your photos, the house looks amazing!

  3. Wow, you guys did an AMAZING job! It really does look like an entirely different (and beautiful) house!

  4. what an awesome job!! i love what y'all did!!

  5. Wow these all look great! It is amazing what people thought was good design back in the day.

    Allie of Dressing Ken