Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scary Movies

i don't know bout you guys, but i love halloween. costumes, candy, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, and of course..SCARY MOVIES. ooooooh

today i'm sharing with you some scary movies that you should buy rent for halloween. which is tonight. duh. what's your favorite scary movie? my all time favorite is this one.

i wanted to start with three light and funny films that are perfect for kids and adults.
these three are favorites of mine. have you seen them? surely you've seen hocus pocus. this was mine and my brother's favorite when we were kids. we would look forward to it coming on abc's thirteen nights of halloween. the other two are favorites i'd watched on the disney channel. i love everything about the movie halloweentown. i need to order it on bluray. and when good ghouls go bad is a fantastic ghost story.  
have you seen any of these classics?

next four films are about some crazy ass bitches. whether they are the heroine or the crazy stalker, these girls kicked butt. 
black rock is in. sane. the ending was pretty awesome. i spit on your grave 2 is pretty graphic. but honestly, it wasn't nearly as graphic as the first one. i was thinking after seeing the first one that i wouldn't be able to handle the second, but eh it was okay. the abduction of eden is rough, especially since it is based on true story. seriously, you see this girl fight for survival. she definitely needs therapy. and crush turned out to be pretty good. lots of good acting, but i ironically can't remember how it ends. might need to see this one again..........

the next group of films are your typical creepy-make-believe-still-scare-the-ever-living-shit-outta-you type of movies. the perfect movies for halloween, of course.
naturally, by just looking at the movie poster for sinister you can tell that it's pretty effing creepy. the story is very different, and you really have to pay attention to understand it. as for the thompsons the very first scene sets the bar for the entire film. GRAAAAPHIC. very graphic. first vampire movie that i actually felt afraid of "vampires." like we should be. case 39, like sinister, is your typical ghost/demon movie. but i still liked it. and the collection is very creative, and of course, just as violent and creepy. 

these next four aren't really scary, but they probably could be to some. these are monster films:
monsters which is about aliens who have attacked and taken over earth is pretty interesting and i liked it. hansel and gretel is a twist to the classic fairy tale where the tables have turned and they are going after the witch. prisoners is about one of the scariest monsters of all: humans. it was pretty good. it held my attention, that's for sure, but i hate when a movie just ends with no explanation. and naturally world war z hit zombie movie perfection to a tee. oh and you can't go wrong with brad pitt. right?

these next two are fun films about witches and zombies. they are easy to watch [not scary] and i really enjoyed both of them. 
have you seen either of these?

and lastly here are two of my favorites. i actually watched these more than once and they will probably make their way into my collection here soon.
mama is a beautifully done film. it is scary, and some parts even made me jump and my heart race. [love movies like that] i don't know what it is...i just loved this one. it got several bad reviews, but ohh i don't care. usually the worst reviewed films are the ones i like the best. stoker a movie i had been looking forward to seeing for like a year..was absolutely amazing. these particular weird films are always the best. and the house in this movie is my dream house. just perfect. not really a scary movie..just weird and creepy.

and that's it. there are a trillion other scary movies out there like this one and this one.
buuuttt if you really wanna see the scariest movie ever made then watch this:

so which one are you going to check out? just gonna stick to the first three? don't blame ya. don't be a chicken, i mean it is halloween. hey, you could just settle for this fan favorite:
{i started following snoopy on instagram}
i was going to try and post about my weekend but dang i just ain't had time this week. [yay for my partner in crime daddy being back in the us of a] i know y'all get tired of that lame excuse, but it's true. anyways, the first of november is tomorrow and i'm so excited for the next couple of months. i'm really hoping things will slow down a little. who am i kidding? things ain't slowing down. anyways, as far as this evening goes i will probably eat my weight in candy corn and chocolate while watching a few of the scary movies i listed above. also, i'm in a new neighborhood this year so i'm interested to see how much trick-or-treat traffic i get. we'll see. alls i know is i betta getta see this little dude.
whatcha doing for halloween?
i'm ready for the weekend.
"you know what? i'm gonna let you in on a little secret. i'm not a real babysitter. i'm more of a sit-on-the-couch, eat-a-burrito, do-whatever-i-say-or-i'll-kill-you type of babysitter."
[the sitter]


  1. Ohh what a spooky collection . Mama is my favourite (or spooky favorite)

  2. There are so many there I haven't seen! I LOVED Mama! But I need to add so many of these to my list!