Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Story Time

hi. i don't know bout you guys but coming back to work after a good weekend is one of the hardest things ever. am i right? not that this weekend was jam packed with events or anything. it was just a nice weekend. even if it did rain all day on saturday, and i didn't get near as much done as i wanted to because of said rain, it was still pretty nice. and now here i am back at work, dealing with grouchy people at the electric company and trying to get my twenty four tenants, who still haven't paid their rent, to come in and pay me some moola. ohh mondays..

anyways, i just had a small post today. nothing special. just something i thought was kinda funny and thought hey that'd be some neat and different content for that ole blog of mine. so here we go. it's story time, people. 

so, one day i'm sitting in a meeting with my dad and our crew of maintenance men. the crew consists of about 8 handymen who have several different skills, in several different areas. they know how to fix things i don't understand and know the names of things i don't have a clue about. even though they tell me all about it, and i then i have to google image search it later. [true statement]

anyways, we're all in this meeting and my dad is on the phone. [as usual] sitting in front of me are several survival bracelets, like the one above. i grab one, hold it up and ask, "y'all know what this is?"
here's some of the replies:
"a bracelet."
"some jewelry..."
"it's one of those rope things folks been talking about."
"is that what dem things look like?"
"i ain't heard of it."
"what's it supposed to be?"

me: "yea, but do y'all know what it's for?"

"to wear?"
"uh no."
"don't ya take it apart or something?"

me: "yea. you pull it apart and it's lots and lots of rope, in case you get lost in the woods."

lots of murmuring, talking, and laughing.

"how's a rope going to make me a fire?"
"that must be some magic rope if just that is going to help me survive a night in the woods."
"there better be enough to make a blanket."
"it better dance and kill food for me."

me: "i think it's more of a hiker thing."

"well, dang, by the time your done unraveling the sucker, you coulda done been found your way back."

everyone was in agreement with this conclusion. 
and there you have it, ladies and gents, the handyman's take on the survival bracelet. 
i love those silly men.

happy monday! working on some fall and halloween decorating tonight. can't wait to get started.
"you know how much money your father's company pays for a picture of a child killed by a preacher? $50,000. you know how much money i get paid for a picture of a happy child? nothing. you know where that puts me? photographing tragedies."

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  1. Haha, the best explanation I got for having one was watching the 127 hours and how helpful it would be for that kind of a situation lol.