Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Some Things You Need To Know

happy friday, one and all! who's excited for this weekend? this chick, for sure. 
so did you notice the new blog design? i'm like totes in love with it. it's perfect. isn't it?
sorry. i'm really not trying to brag but it's just this is my favorite one to date. it just looks so fresh and simple, but still funky and fun. i needed a new picture up with my bangs cause i don't see myself growing them out anytime soon. i love my bangs. best. decision. ever.
also, if you follow me on instagram you mighta seen that i changed my handle. you no longer have to deal with three underscores just one.
sica is one of my many nicknames. it's the last four letters of my name. my sis started calling me that and then eventually it caught on with my friends and now my nephew. also i have a couple of hashtags on insta that involve this little nickname so i figured heeeey why not?
do you have an instagram? 

so i don't know if y'all remember or not but i used to talk about movies on this here blog quite a bit. but for some reason i haven't been doing that. and that needs to change. starting today. i saw these two freakishly-awesome movies here recently and i loved both of them.
epic really is epic. i loved every single minute of this movie. you fall in love with the characters right off. especially this character, she was my favorite. the creativity put into this movie truly is amazing, and you really will just have to see it for yourself. not to mention, the story is pretty sweet, too.
the heat starring two of my favorite actresses: sandra bullock [people tell me i look like her] and melissa mccarthy is hilarious. these two actresses together are on point. there's so many lines in this movie that i'm like where the heck do they come up with this stuff? i have watched it over and over again and it's now up there with my favorites.
here's some more movies that i've seen over the last some odd months that i think are worth the watch:
all good things is such a tragic, tragic story but the movie is just so good. broken city was an okay movie. just your typical markie mark movie. i cannot wait to see the second thor coming to theaters next month! naturally, i cried in safe havencloud atlas is incredibly, and i mean incredibly weird, BUT i literally couldn't stop watching it and it had lots and lots of good acting. and lastly, the last stand is straaaight legit. watch it, and then watch it again because it won't get old.
also see these:
side effects is craaaazy. you will just have to watch it to see how insane this movie really is. snitch, like the last stand is legit. and it's based on a true story which are the best kinds of movies. i love the sets and effects in the movie oz the great and powerful and the little twist in this movie was unexpected. admission is hilarious, but that's tina fey for ya. and y'all pain & gain is also extremely cray cray. the fact that it's based of a true story really makes me kinda scared. it's definitely one of the craziest movies i have ever seen...and i've seen a TON of movies.

okay i should probably wrap this post up. i gotta go clean a rent house here in a bit after lunch. i've had like a million people turn in applications for this one particular house and i'm really trying to wait on my pops to get back from china before i make a final decision and rent it out. sometimes you just needa second opinion. my dad has been in china this week so it's been on me and the crew to make sure everything gets done and nothing is missed. my head maintenance man leaves for 3 months outta the year to do another job and this is the first week without him and i think it's been going pretty smoothly. although i am counting down the days for his return. my dad needs to hurry up and get back though, having 4 applicants calling me 24/7 about my rent house is really starting to stress me out. i need my partna back!

i will leave you today with my new favorite jam. i have been bumping this song in my jeep all week and it ain't gettin old. i heard it on the movie the heat and immediately downloaded the song. yes, that good. 
a little explicit fyi. oh and i have those heart sunglasses and they're pretty awesome.

anywhoo you got plans for the weekend? i say this every friday, but i'm going to try and work on some projects. i got lots to do before i host bunko next month.
fourteen dollars? is it magic whiskey? do i get a motorcycle with it? is it served in jesus' shoe?"
[the heat]


  1. Love the new blog design! You are too cute!

  2. Love the new layout! Why is your dad in China? And also, thanks for all the movie reviews- I just added a bunch to my ever-growing Netflix list!