Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Fall Y'all

well fall is here. and i don't know how it feels in your state, but in my state it still feels a little like summer. [except today it's raining] and for me, personally, i'm okay with this. but i think any cold-natured person would be. you see, i hate fall and winter weather BUT i love everything else that comes with these seasons. i can't win, can i? one of my favorite things to do right when fall hits is to decorate my house with fake pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones. i also have a few different halloween-y and thanksgiving-y pieces that i like to pull out, too.  

this year, i did things different. seeing, as i'm in a different house than i was in last year. [duh] i have a pretty big collection of fake pumpkins and other fall decor that i wanted to pick a few particular places in my house to do some bigger decorating. instead of having pumpkins spread through out my house, i gave each main room a focal point. 
starting with my fireplace: [it turned out to be my favorite] 
honestly i was just playing with some leaf garland to see if i wanted it to be on my mantel and it just kinda turned into this. i couldn't be more happier with how it turned out. 
this is an area i did on my piano. i thought about keeping the lid open but decided that decorating the end of it would be more fun. it really gives the room some pow!
this is my entry table:
when november hits, i'll switch out my halloween decor with my thanksgiving stuff. 
i found this witch at homegoods this summer and she's my new favorite. i've had her on display since i first brought her home. it's going to be hard putting her away until next halloween. 
i added these two little pumpkins to my coffee table.
i put some small pumpkins and leaves around the flower arrangement on my kitchen table but will probably put them somewhere else here soon since they are kind of getting in the way. 
the front porch:
naturally i had to do my front porch. my momma gave me those light up pumpkins last year. they look awesome if i do say so myself. [especially from the street] now i just gotta get me some larger and real pumpkins and then i'll be done decorating until i put out my thanksgiving stuff. 

i cannot tell y'all enough about how in love i am with my new place. there's not a day that goes by that i don't thank God for picking this little place out for me. my old place just seemed like a temp spot until this spot came available. i'm loving how everything is turning out and i can't wait to start decorating for christmas!

anyways, happy tuesday! i gotta make cookies tonight. we are having a boss' day potluck tomorrow and i decided to make cookies to bring. i made these cookies last week:
recipe found {here}
yep those are fruity pebble vanilla cookies. they were so easy to make. and to be quite honest with you guys, they were the very first cookies for me to ever make that didn't involve a pre-made dough. yep i technically made these from "scratch." if you consider buying all the ingredients cause you didn't have any of them in your cabinets..then yes, yes these were made from scratch..
anyways they call for a vanilla pudding, white chocolate chips, and fruity pebbles..SOOO i'm going to make them AND a chocolate version using chocolate pudding, regular chocolate chips, and cocoa pebbles. they should turn out to be just amazing as the vanilla. + that means i'll be bringing 72 cookies to the boss' day potluck. that's a lotta cookies for a beginner cookie maker. 
wish me luck!
"no, i came off like i have racist, weird friends who say things like, "of course you're pregnant. you're a latina.""
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  1. I totally forgot about Bosses Day- oops!
    Love all your fall decorations, especially the piano set up! I love when you're just trying new things (like the garland) and additions, and you step back and somehow it just works!

  2. Oh look at all your fall decor, I love it!

  3. those cookies look amazing, AND you should move to florida if you prefer HOT falls and winters. not for me!