Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here We Go

the mountain of cookies i made for our boss' day potluck today.

hey guys. wow can you believe that i'm actually posting two days in a row. huge shocker, i know. but i had a few random things i wanted to share. and who doesn't love a list of totally random irrelevant things grouped into one blog post? 

let's start things off right. this morning on my way to work, i'm just driving along headed to the bank and to do my usual morning errands. i'm driving down one of the busiest streets in north little rock when i see a black man in a wheelchair sitting in the middle of the street. y'all this street is busy..and if you don't walk on the crosswalks, you could very well get yourself killed. [north little rock folk's don't play] my first reaction was wtf. get outta the street, playa. but i slow down, cause i mean he is in a wheelchair for christ's sake. well i see a teeny tiny white women pull up right in front of him, turn her flashers on, and get outta her car. she walks up behind him, says something and then proceeds to wheel him across the street to safety. 
she didn't know him. and she definitely didn't have to stop and help him across the street. BUT SHE DID. and i loved it. it really made me stop and think. instead of stopping to judge someone who clearly just needed a little help..i should stop to actually do some helping myself. i don't know how i'm going to pay it forward for the nice act i saw today, but i am determined to do so.
 have you seen humanity restored?

next..involves something that happened last night. an epiphany of sorts. last night, i finally get home from work and afternoon errands. i pull into my garage and i getta phone call from my dad. i answer and remain in my jeep, while it's still running. we talk for a good 15 minutes or so just about different ignant tenants, places that still need to be rented, houses we are going to buy, and how we desperately need our winter clothes re-stocked into the stores. i get off the phone with him, turn my jeep off, open the car door and and then just stop myself and think..
woooah am i turning into my dad?
you see when i was younger, and my dad would come home from work. we could hear the garage door open and then 15 minutes later my dad would walk through the door. he'd walk in later because he'd sit on the phone with my grandpa [his dad] and talk about work stuff. stuff that needed to be done, and stuff that happened during the day.
very much like how my dad and i ended our day yesterday. crazy right? i mean i thought so. man, before long i'll be answering phone calls on vacations, and working from home on the weekends. and to be quite honest, i'm okay with this. i love getting to work with my pops and i love my job. winning? i think so.

moving on..the next thing i want to discuss is even more random than the first two things.
i'm going to talk about a little someone i met today. her name is emerald. emerald works at the bank. she's new. today is her first day. i got to the bank this morning cause i didn't have time to go yesterday afternoon. and that's when i met the sweetest bank teller i've ever met. emerald. she's teeny and sweet. and i can't help but to keep saying her name. i've never met an emerald before. i think it's such a beautiful-unique-magical name. and even though i am in NO WAY having kids anytime soon..i wanted to add this to my list of baby names. a list that has only consisted of 2 other names..2 girl names. can you guess is alfred hitchcock's wife's name, and the other is a favorite inspiring actress of mine...can you guess?
anyways, just wanted to share my new-found love for the name "emerald."
reminds me of this magical place:
do you have a particular name that you love?

just a few more things, i swear...

hey, look at this cutie.
[my nephew] picking out his pumpkins. i swear he is the cutest.

check out this sweater i scored.
found {here} this came up for pre-order and ya girl did not hesitate. i mean turquoise + aztec, uh you can't go wrong. can't wait to get this baby in!
and lastly here's a lovely piece of furniture i think would look great in my crib.
this pretty little bar cart from target. found {here} 
isn't it dream?

okay i guess i besta end this here and get back to work.
i have rented five rent houses this week. i'm on a roll. [i love my job]
happy wednesday, mates!
"well, if you know anything about fairy tales, you know that a hero doesn't appear until the world really needs one."
[the tale of desperaux]


  1. I LOVE that Aztec sweater! And a great reminder to pay it forward! :)

  2. I love that little story- it's so nice to have your faith restored in humanity! I've realized lately that I'm very similar to/turning into my mom- which is somewhat scary and weird but overall kinda cool!!

  3. if you have leftover cookies, I will take them.

  4. i'm a sucker for a bar cart. i have no space for one but still want!!