Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Small Craft

hey sassy pants! it's my favorite month outta the year. and no, i'm not talking about march. this time yes. indeed october is one of my favorite months. it's fall time. i love seeing the trees change, the pumpkins pop up at every local store and church, sweet smells of caramel, pumpkin spice, and fall leaves, the state fair, halloween and so much more. 

i need to pull out my halloween and fall decor this weekend. don't ya think? i want to definitely go and get me some pumpkins this year. every year i say i am, but this year i mean it. maybe have you picked up a pumpkin yet? 

i hadn't really had the chance to decorate for fall just yet because your homegirl has been busy. i know, i know i say that like way to much. but it is true. see, i'm finally being able to work my little decorator heart out at my house and it has just been so much fun. i'm loving how everything is turning out. i'm finally starting to get things put in permanent homes. i even started working on my garage workshop, and it is turning out to be super legit. i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing, and posting small house posts whenever i get the chance. but eventually i will go room by room and do a full share of everything, like this chick does. 

okay today i wanted to show off a new favorite decor find.
found at none other than the fancy fabulous local walmart. yes. i said that right..waaaaalmart. actually it's not too shocking because here lately i have found some cute tops, rugs, and now even lamps from: walmart. 
anyways, i'm perusing down the isles at walmart when i see..
two small owl lamps. saaay whaa? i loved them. and it was ironically exactly what i was looking for. in my bedroom i had bought two gold nightstands and now they needed lamps. i wanted matching lamps, too. so it was even better that they had two of these owl lamps left. i grabbed two $4 shades, and was set.

i got home with my lamps and huge haul in tow and decided to paint their eyes gold to match my nightstands 
pretty self-explanatory. i like frog tape the best because it never bleeds through.
the finished look:
i'll take a picture of my bed and nightstands + lamps in the future. make sure you're following me on instagram so you don't miss it. 

posted this pic the other night:
i have a few other little house projects like this going on and it's been a blast working and finishing them. can't wait to share all of them with you's. okay. that's all i have for the day. i might be back tomorrow to share a funny story or two. if i gots the time, of course. hope you have a lovely thursday.
"i think we're all kinda thinking the same thing like, "hey what's up with that cranberry dress?" ya know, i can take it out and use it as a sleeping bag. and i think that's pretty awesome, cause i don't plan on going home."


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  2. It looks better with the colored eyes!