Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shopping with Sica (a new blog series)

i am back to share with you's some of my NEW favorite things.
i'm gonna start trying to post new things i find and love right here on my blog each week. 

guys, i swear i have had like NO time here lately to post or even to read blogs for that matter. i keep telling myself, that once i get internet at la crib everything will be easier for me. i told myself 2 months ago that once i was done with ALL the painting at my crib that i was mos def getting the internet..well here it is 2 months later and my painting still ain't done. luckily, i found a better and cheaper painter to finish up the job. he should be all done this week. i'm so ready cause i really wanna get my crib together. living in boxes for longer than three months just isn't fun. plus people want to come to my house and i'm like which all in all makes me sound like a butthole or a hoarder. [i don't know which one's worse]

today though i'm not talking about house shit. let's be done with that. 
today i wanted to brag show off some of my new purchases. we all know that your homegirl is a BIG TIME shopaholic. i ain't even scurred to admit that. i love showing y'all what i find, cause most of time i find some pretty damn good deals. and a lot of the times i end up lusting and lusting over something till i just cave on payday and buy it. so here's a few several things i lusted over and fell in love with the day they landed in my mailbox. 

starting with my all time favorite: savoir-faire
i love this store. i love this store more than i love my stores.
shhh don't tell hogman.
anyways over the past few weeks ya girl has gotten some pretty cute things all from SF.
starting with this gorgeous neon necklace:
they kept postin and postin these little necklaces on their instagram and eventually i fell sucka to them and had to have them. i will say, if you aren't following savoir-faire on instagram then what is wrong with you you should be cause they post their best stuff on there. most things they don't put on their website, but you can call their store and they'll get ya fixed up. [i promise] and when i called one friday to buy these necklaces they were having a 50% off sale on all their neons. so i gots two of these necklaces for the price of one, baby. 
necklace-SF // v-neck-similar // shorts-closet essentials (sold out) // shoes-target
more savoir-faire goodies.
the necklace i saw on another site. i went back to get it and they didn't have it anymore. to say i was bummed would be an understatement. until one day SF made an announcement on their instagram that they had just added a few jewelry pieces to their website. [they NEVER have jewelry on their site] so naturally i immediately went and checked it out. well low and behold there was the necklace i wanted. you besta believe i did not hesitate on that purchase. it's definitely my new favorite. i also got those red heart sunglasses that have become a staple in my wardrobe, the round sunglasses that came to me broken but i was able to fix with a pair of needle nose pliers and of course the plaid studded flannel that's still available on their site.
and lastly i HAD to have a boss tank which i think pairs nicely with the wide striped skinnys i found at alloy.

the next couple items came from a new site i found while browsing through instagram. 
they are based outta arizona. and within a week of finding them i placed two orders.
one for this owl skull and clock tank top that i absolutely fell in love with and neeeeeeeded. if you know me at all this tank top is pretty much a description of all my favorite things. 
and next..they posted this top and only had two smalls left. luckily i was able to snag myself one.
i'm really digging this bow back trend as of late. 

next on the list: a cut above boutique
they do FREE shipping for ANY orders over $50
so i got these two things on one order so i wouldn't have to pay a shipping fee.
this red and black striped maxi called my name as soon as they posted it on their ig and since i had these gold beads on my wishlist. i placed an order. [no shipping fee]
gold beads are outta stock at the moment. i also have gotten myself the coral beads which ironically are outta stock, too. but they have several other colors still in stock and anytime i wear these beads i always get loads of compliments. 

which i'm not too impressed by. i've asked this little store many questions on their ig and no will ever answer me back. and honestly trying to order from any storenvy site on my phone is basically impossible. BUT i had been wanting these bracelets and finally just bought some..
yep. after one day of wearing the tassel broke. and the gold bar bracelet faded to silver after one week of wearing it. which, hey, their all cheap bracelets so it's kinda hard to expect anything less.
[plus..i think i can fix the tassel bracelet if i just buy a new clasp] 

now..we gots a boutique that reached out to me.
the collection boutique
i had commented on a tank top earlier this summer. unfortunately they had sold out of them and i was trying to get one. then i got a comment through instagram saying they were going to get this tank in a long sleeve for the fall. and if i gave them my email they would send me the pre-order email. well, since they reached out to me, asked nicely and i really loved the print..i signed on up and should be getting this beauty in soon.
"the tea is sweet, accents are sweeter. the south."
not a typical shirt i would wear but i don't know i thought it would be cute and comfy. two of my favorite things to be.

here's another new boutique i started following on instagram:
elle & k boutique
they post some pretty cute things and everything they have is FREE SHIPPING. i've started buying from them a lot more cause they'll carry stuff that another boutique i like carries but charges way more for plus $7 shipping fee. i've had my eye on this necklace from another site but they're charging $33 + shipping. BUT not elle & k..theirs is ONLY 18 BUCKS with NO shipping fee. uh think i'm gonna go with elle & k.
i just recently bought this little number:
i cannot wait for it to be in my mailbox.

and lastly we got target
i follow an account on instagram called target does it again and they post actual items that are at target. i get a lot of ideas from this account way more than the actual target account. and one day they posted the picture that's on the left:
i really, really wanted me a pair of those shoes. like bad. so i went and bought some.
and i bought those pretty boots from another fav department store: tj maxx
i had myself and little tjmaxx, kohls, and target shopping spree over the past few weeks and got some really fun staples. i'll probably show off all that stuff soon.

wooo. that was a lot. i know, i know this. but i love posting about clothes, shoes, and jewelry. i like to post what makes me happy here on this blog and shopping is it, baby.
ohh and i wish desperately to be a fashion blogger ... maybe that'll be the one goal i make for 2014. yes, the one goal cause if ya haven't notice, ya girl, ain't the best at keeping goals. ha. but y'all just wait. it's going down like charlie brown.

"her style was not vanity but a way of living. not simple adorning herself but expressing her vision of beauty in the world."

anyways, i'm outie [been watching too much clueless] gotta go clean three rent houses. yeah you read that correctly. go check out my instagram to see the video of the rent house i cleaned last week. definitely our worse one to date. we try to keep up with how many houses we clean a year but things start to get conbobulated [just sound it out] after 20 or so...
"well, i'm on this new diet. it's very effective. well, i don't eat anything. and then when i feel like i'm about to faint, i eat a cube of cheese. i'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."
[the devil wears prada]


  1. Oh my goodness, so many cute things. Did you see that Kinies is going out of business and have a huge clearance?