Friday, September 20, 2013


all i gotta say is thank you lord jesus it is FRIDAY! i don't know what it is but this week went by kinda slow for me. the last two days have been a little stressful since i have two new gameday employees. [a general manager and a clubhouse manager] but hey it's almost the weekend and i can forget all about work for two full days. 

the title of this post is exactly how i have been feeling here lately. just..HAPPY. my house is finally starting to get in order, i've rekindled a friendship with someone i care dearly for, one of my best friends now works with me, piper is finally starting to sleep with me again, i've been getting to spend a lot of time with my family, and i had a complete and utter answer to a prayer.

life is good. and even though it's raining today, and i haven't slept good all week, i'm still very much happy and really lovin life right now. so, today i'm showing off a few bunch of things that have me completely smitten.

starting with this little boy:
he is so silly, and so smart. i swear i just love my nephew. we hung out a couple of saturdays ago and we just had so much fun.
he just could not get over how neat out "tent" was. it's been so much fun watching him grow and learn new things. oh and he gives the best little hugs. so proud of this sweet little boy. another sweet little baby:
my best friend's baby, miss ava madison. she's so tiny and precious. i have got to go and see her and her mommy again real soon! i'm dying to hold this tiny little thing again. look at all that hair! 

moving a few little house updates. i finally got ALL the painting finished and i've started decorating my little heart out. luckily, i don't have too much going on this weekend so i'll be able to get so much done.
this is what i'm calling my living room. i am absolutely loving how it is turning out. i just have to buy the art i want for this room and then it will be finished. next to the piano right when you walk in the front door i have this:
an old trunk i pulled outta an old florist shop. in my last house i kept it closed and sat different things on top of it. but this time, i went for a complete different look. i have had so many people comment on how neat this thing is so i decided to keep it open and decorate it that way. i pulled out some of the drawers, which made shelves for some of my favorite finds & gifts. the two blue canisters i found at savers for like a dollar each, the teapot belonged to my grandmommy, and the seashell my parents brought back from a trip when i was younger. 
i fall more in love with how my kitchen has turned out every day. i've been working on decorating the shelves above the doorways. and i found a kitchen table!
a few weekends ago i went to galaxy office furniture [store that sells old school furniture] and fell in love with the above table. it was originally 200 bucks but my dad talked him down to 175. and him and my mom bought it for me and brought it over to my crib. it fits perfectly, and i'm so in love with it. 

i really wanted my house to be bright and retro. i wanted to find pieces that fit my personality. i love finding things at thrift stores and flea markets..and this is something that i saw and could not stop thinking about it until i went back and bought it:
 my bathroom rug. found this at a hot springs' flea market one weekend and i just knew from the moment we met that we needed to be together. a month went by and i was finally able to go back and get it. when i did its booth had everything marked 25% off. score! and naturally it fit perfectly where i wanted it. it was made for me. my bathroom is turning out to be exactly what i envisioned it to be.
i'm so happy i decided to paint all the cabinets white. it really makes them look a million times better, right? i recently just found those blue knobs at hobby lobby. they are turquoise with a white marbleized look. i'm hoping i can find two more this weekend at the hobby lobby in little rock..for the cabinet over my toilet.
 so i've never had a garage before. everywhere i have lived i have had to park outside. i cannot even say enough how freaking awesome this is..i feel so spoiled. i can walk out to my car in just a tshirt if i want to. so nice. i really didn't know what i was missing. 
lastly, my bedroom is coming along..slowly but it is coming along. i am on the lookout for a bright old school turquoise couch. i haven't quite had any luck but i'm not giving up just yet. i was going to ask someone to do some art for me for over my bed, but i don't think i want to ask them i'm still looking for something for that. i did just recently find this big mirror in our warehouse and took it home so i can fix it up this weekend:
fancy, huh?!

alright that's the house update. this post is getting pretty long but you know how scattered my post ima keep going, kk.
taken at our last trip to the lake house for the summer. unfortunately, we didn't go as much this year..hoping that changes next year. i love spending time with my little family. [my sis is takin the pic]
finally, finally piper is liking the new house. i'm sure she was just confused as hell. she has few favorite places she likes to sleep and this spot is one of them. right by the window. she also like to sleep and cuddle up underneath the piano. just this week she has started to sleep with me again. i'm thinking she likes it.
lastly, i'll leave you with this:
proud of it. single gals unite!

super random post i know! just trying to get the six people who read this blog some content. i hope each of you's have a wonderful weekend. i'll be project making, decorating, and sleeping in.
what are your plans for the weekend?
peace out, girl scout
"uh bad breath, colorful language, feather duster. what do you think? guns. they're armed with guns!
[lock, stock, and two smoking barrels]


  1. Goodness you've got taste! I love your ideas and how things are turning out, and of course cute babies and kitties!

  2. there's NOTHING like a garage!! your house is so fantastic.