Monday, August 12, 2013


{favoritest movie scene. ever.}

well, i'm taking a blogging break. 

i'm still living in chaos. i hate it.
[should be getting closer on the cabinets, though]
i have a lot going on here at work. i love it.
[moved our conway store this weekend to a busier location]
frankly i can't remember the last time that i wasn't at least kinda tired. 
[i worked both saturday and sunday]
and let's be honest. it's not like i have anything new and exciting to blog about, anyways. 
[i know y'all get tired hearing about work stuff every week]
i will be back, i just need to get my life organized again.
"it was a mistake you always made--trying to love a wild thing. you mustn't give your heart to a wild thing. the more you do, the stronger they get until their strong enough to run into the woods, or fly into a tree, and then to a higher tree, and then to the sky."
[breakfast at tiffany's]


  1. I hear ya girly! Sometimes you just gotta take a break :-)

  2. I totally agree, sometimes you need a break! just make sure you continue to post to IG so I can keep up with you, mmmkay? ;)

  3. We'll be here when you get back ;) Life gets crazy and that's okay! I almost quit blogging after I had my baby!
    I hope you catch up on some much needed sleep!

  4. Ohhh dear. You best not stop with texting me. xoxo I'm emailing you today!