Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Keepin Y'all Updated

hey there friday. it sure is nice to see ya. anyone else feel me?
anyways, so i think i have told y'all before that i post a lot on instagram. i mean i reached my 1000th post this weekend. well, naturally every once and awhile i dump those instagrams here on my blog. a few people who read my blog [aka my mom & grandma] don't have instagram, so they don't get to see updates on the daily. plus, i really just like having them here on my blog. and y'all know my motto: 
it's my blog, i do what i want.

so that's what i got for today's post. instagrams. my favorite. 
do you love instagram?

alright let's jump into it. here's my ig's from the last few months or so:
1. tasty sandwich i made for dinner one night.
2. my daddy and i on father's day.
3. lots of packages i got in the mail.
4. piper digging the screen door to the backyard. she's slowly adjusting to the new house.
5. flea market shopping with my best friend. 
6. picked up oz the great and powerful on blu-ray.
7. selfie taken while hanging out at a rent house waiting on the gas man. 
8. dessert at bunko one night.
9. the double vanity i picked up for my dad while i was in conway. i was crunk i got it to fit.
1. duplicate photo..oops!
2. the el camino [my fav car] makes an appearance in the new g.i. joe movie
3. a throwback thursday of me when i was a lil babe.
4. elliott and i goofing around.
5. piper's sweet wittle face.
6. a BLT i made for supper one night. [my fav sandwich]
7. a pretty day.
8. blue bell chocolate ice cream that i fixed in my ice cream cups i found at an estate sale.
9. eating donuts with the fam at the garage sale we had at my house a few weekends ago.
1. worked the north little rock store one afternoon and learned how to use the register.
2. went and saw the lone ranger with my parents. i loved it!
3. fun package i got from savoir-faire.
4. letter holders and an afghan i found at an estate sale. [piper has claimed the afghan as hers]
5. before and after view of the garage sale.
6. got soaked from rain while out running errands.
1. nightcap after a long day.
2. donation to hot springs' sam's club's silent auction.
3. this tuesday's outfit of the day...leopard print, gold, and royal blue.
5. cookie monster quote.
6. concrete hogs
1. just a corny little joke. pun intended.
2. replica and mini helmets.
3. more fun packages i received in the mail.
4. little mushrooms that are growing in my front yard.
5. neon pink and orange tanks and tees for the stores finally came in.
6. pancakes for dinner.
7. neon hightlighter tshirts we got in for the stores.
8. the one peach that i've had this year.
9. my momma at her surprise bday lunch my sis and i set up.
1. something i need to remember when i worry about my follower count.
2. selfie i took while sitting in traffic. necklace found {here}
3. green and blue tanks and tees i ordered for the stores finally got here.
4. grey and cardinal tanks i ordered for the stores.
5. another duplicate bad.
6. romantic comedy joke.

wooooooo that was A LOT. i know this. and clearly i love buying tank tops for the stores. 
do you have instagram?

well i just got back from cleaning the new conway location. we have found a better spot in a busier part of town. we've been fixing it up and we're moving the store this weekend. yep, ya girl is working on saturday and sunday. you may now call me a workaholic.
what are you doing this weekend?
 "maybe it's because every time she tells you, you go through five stages: anger, fury, rage, super-rage, and finally, cursing God for bringing you into this world."
[that 70s show]

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  1. Love love love. Even though I have IG and I follow you and see all your loveliness pop up on my IG home feed... I still like the recap of pics. (I do the same!) xoxo