Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When 1 Thing Turns Into 10

hey yo! did everyone have a lovely fourth of july weekend?? i did. mines was pretty chill, actually. [just how i like it] i hung out with the family, ate my weight in junk food, and even got a little sun. 
my july fourth ootd // me and mister elliott // my sis, mom and i // mister elliott and stormy
wow i am like too white. i really need some more sun but i ain't got time fo that.

got some random things to share with you today. i actually have a pretty busy week. so let's bounce into this post, shall we? i got lots to tell yous.

1. this movie looks insanely scary! just watch the trailer:
now i've seen a lotta creepy movies...like these two for example:
and these two:
but snaaap i don't know if i can watch evil dead by myself. creeeepy.

2. the painting i'm doing at my house is just turning out beautifully. she's about done with the walls and will get started on allllll my cabinets this week. i have lots of cabinets that neeeeed new paint. i was going to stain some of them but have decided to do all of them white. or the color of my baseboards, anyways. 
i can't wait to do a full tour here on my blog. maybe through a video...

3. i was completely and utterly lazy this weekend. i don't regret it.

4. this song is one of my favorites right now. it's funny, i've heard it a billion times but didn't really listen to what she was singing. then i accidentally deleted most of my songs off of my phone [yea let's not talk about that] except for a few albums like this one. 
really diggin it.

5. i am also obsessed with this song:
i even made it my ringtone. 

6. you should see this movie. i really really liked it.
i used to think that being a dispatcher would be a pretty neat job. but after seeing this movie, i don't think i'm cut out for it.

7. i just bought this dress and necklace: 
i have been debating buying the dress since they posted it on their website. i caved. i can't help it that SF is constantly posting cuuute things. yep, they got me hooked!

8. this little boy turned 18 months on the fifth..uh can we say crazy?! i cannot believe he is about to be a toddler. he's just growing so fast and he is one incredibly smart guy. love him to pieces.
[mister elliott..my nephew]

9. this weekend my sister and i are going on a mini road trip. we are going to fort worth, texas to help celebrate for liz's [our future sister-in-law] bachelorette party. we're leaving on friday afternoon and staying in a neat hotel before we meet up with the party crew on saturday afternoon. i'm really looking forward to the trip. i need to let my hair down and hang out with some girls for a weekend. it's been far too long. ohhh and we'll definitely do some shopping while were there. my favorite.

10. yeah i got nothing but i didn't wanna leave off with just 9.

anyways, we've gotten in A JILLION new things for the stores so it looks like ya girl has a pretty busy week of folding, pricing and separating..hey i don't hate it.
"well, you just reach in and corner it and give it a little rub. that's the thing about a goldfish: they just love the feel of the human hand."
[that 70s show]


  1. OMG I need to see Evil Dead. I hated the original. I know it's a cult classic but it sucked. I loved the third one though-Army of Darkness. I'm so excited to see this one!

    Did you say you had or handn't seen Mama yet?

  2. ah love that paint color! house updates are so fun, i cant wait to see the final product!

    hope you have a great road trip with your sister :)

  3. Nice post :))
    Rihanna <3