Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Party In Sparkly Shorts

so, i don't know about you's but ya girl has been to quite a few bachelorette parties. well this weekend i went to one for my soon to be sister-in-law and i will say it was the best one i've been to. we all just got along so well and had a really good time. i am so glad that my sissy and i decided to go..even though we were the oldest ones there..

my sis and i decided to leave friday afternoon and stay at aloft hotel in dowtown dallas. that way we'd already be in town and we could hit up ikea before we met up with the group in fort worth. 
our hotel room was so nice. it was definitely one of the most original hotels i have ever stayed in. oh and i just slept so good after that long drive. 
we got up on saturday morning to head out to ikea. this was my first time going and i was pretty excited. we shopped all morning and got so many cute things. don't worry, my first ikea trip will have it's own blog post here soon. promise ya that.

we spent the entire morning exploring ikea. and then we went a found velvet taco and had us a little lunch. i wish i woulda had more of an appetite but of course i didn't.. 
i got the vegetarian taco and it was good but i really would loved a real taco. but my stomach is picky when it's hot outside. it's hard to explain.

after lunch and one last stop to get a last minute prezzie we headed to the hotel in fort worth to meet up with liz and her friends. we all got ready and headed to a restaurant called mi cocina. we got drinks, and ate..it was all a really good time to get to know some of liz's friends, and some of the other bridesmaids. 
my soon to be sister-in-law
myself at dinner // my sister, liz, and me

after dinner we all hung out at the hotel and then went out. since a few of them weren't 21 we had to skip around to several different bars...and since i'm 25 that meant i could get into all of them..meaning i had to get a drink at each bar we went to. luckily, there was only one bar that didn't serve stoli. anyways, we stayed out till 3 in the morning. i was so thankful when we got back to the hotel and the pizza joint across the street was still open. needless to say, i didn't go to bed until 4 in the morning. wow. right? haven't done that in awhile. 
my outfit was my favorite: shorts top necklace
oh and that dude i'm with looks just like michael cera right? i thought so. which is why i had to get my picture with him. he didn't oppose..but that's because i begged him. supposedly he gets that all the time. i mean, i think it's a compliment..he did not.

anyways, we all had a blast. and i really think it made my sis, liz, and i closer than we were before. i really needed a weekend where i could let loose and let my hair down. 
oh and little story about that bathroom selfie..i was taking several and a random [girl] stranger came out of the stall, saw me, and gave me the weirdest look. but i mean dang how many times do ya getta wear sparkly shorts. well, i hightailed it outta there and ran back to my table. 
whata weekend, right. we have about three weeks till the wedding. it will be here before we know it.
anyways, what did you do this weekend?
oh & this little girl told me she really missed me when i got back..
 i love her..even though she does ruin things we her nasty pee pee. how could i ever get rid of that little face.
"this is her idea of heaven on earth, isn't it? socializing with episcopalians."
[driving miss daisy]


  1. bachelorette parties are the best!! you rocked those sparkly shorts!!!
    Helene in Between

  2. Girllllllllll!! We are two peas in a pod. Did you see my post last week about my trip to ikea?!? It's weird how we are blogging twinsies. I adore your sparkly shorts. If my bachelorette party weren't in september and weren't in the mountains I would TOTES be investing! Looks like you had a great weekend! You deserved it! xoxo

  3. Gah, EVERYTHING you wear is so cute. Will you please be my personal shopper? But I'm gonna need a body like yours first.