Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ain't Nothing Different

okay. i have literally opened this "new post" screen like half a dozen times in the last week and i just can't push out a post. my blog's content is basically the same every week. i show you things on my wish list, talk about my shopping habits, dump all my instagrams, or just talk about my house. i would like to write a post that's different than the norm but i ain't got nothing for ya. 

so here's another post about my house, my shopping, new things i want, and a few instagrams.

first things house. it's coming along. the walls are all painted and alls i have left is the cabinets. things have gotten pretty crazy. i'm literally living in chaos and have already lost it a few times buuuuttt i cannot even began to tell you's how much better everything is than my old house. the old house was a straight up crapper compared to the little honey i got now. i just am in absolute love with my bedroom and bathroom. it's exactly what i wanted and it's all coming along exactly how i envisioned it to be. 

so speaking of my bedroom...i found my nightstands! i really want to incorporate lots of gold accents in my bedroom, and i knew i wanted to find some gold tables, with glass tops.
well, one day, one of my fav ig accounts..@targetdoesitagain posted these babies:
i neeeeeeded the one on right! like, baaaad. so i went to find it at the north little rock target, and i had no luck. 
then one day i got this text from my sister:
i was ecstatic when i saw that the pretty little table i had been looking for was finally at the north little rock target. i went on my lunch break to go and get this sucka, too. and it's perfect.
since i was pinched for time i didn't bother trying to find a target employee, who more than likely wouldn't be able to be quick enough to look in the stock room for another one. so i found the other one at the target in little rock. and they look so good, just exactly what i was wanting. 

well like i said, i've been living in chaos. so on sunday night, i got busy on making that chaos more organized. ahhh and let me tell you, it's waaay better than how i had it. yea everything might be in boxes or small piles but it's pretty organized compared to the hoarding look i had going on before.
so have you guys been to jcpenny lately? i went to sephora the other day [it's in jcpenny] and i went through their home section. well, i saw like a bajillion different things i wanted. like for reals they got some really cute stuff. like these pillows i will be purchasing real soon:
i got a couple of pillows from ikea that are similar to these.
one last thing. this store is my favorite. this blogger blogs about them all the time, and now i'm starting to do the same. i mean we both have good taste so i get it.
recently purchased this little southwest overlay and to say i'm in love would be a complete understatement. i wore it yesterday and am so ready to wear it again.
do you love savoir-faire?
also i purchased this little darlin of a dress last night:
find it {here} i got mines with free using code: LINDS (limited time coupon) and of course i got my 5% klrloyal discount. they also have it in maxis + different colors. the one thing that i really love about this site is that all the bigger sizes go first, so i can usually get my hands on what i want, when i want it. and that's my kinda shoppin right there.

told you, it was gonna be a same ole same ole post..but you know my sayin around's my blog and i do what i want!
 "i don't know, he was there one day and then gone the next. i asked daddy about it one time but that went over like a fart in church."
[the baytown outlaws] 


  1. Lovin the pops of leopard here and there girly! ;)

  2. I am in love with your rug! I'm moving this weekend and can't wait to start decorating- I've been looking for some inspiration! Love how your house is coming along!

  3. i havent ever thought to go to jcpenny for home stuff... may have to check there! but i do love me some ikea... i'm going this weekend and i am SO excited :)