Monday, July 1, 2013

A Small House Update

wow. it's crazy to think this year is halfway over. i've been seeing halloween stuff being put out at different stores and i can't believe we are just a few short months away from the holiday season. where has this year gone? 

i'm really looking forward to a new month. a fresh new month. the next few weekends i am going to be busy, busy and i really am looking forward to all the different plans i have this month. all i know is i refuse to let sadness take over me this month. no more. i'm done with all dat. 
anyways, i wanted to share a few house updates with you all. my house is still a comin along. we have started painting and my family will be having a garage sale soon so we can get rid of all our crap.. and then..then i can park in my garage. holla. i ain't ever had a garage to park in so i'm pretty excited for the new experience. 

moving on...
not too much to update you on this week. just a few changes. i'm so ready for the painting to be done so i can decorate and then have my house party. so many folks wanna come and see it and i'm like sorry it's a freakin not happenin. 
like i said we started the painting. this is my art studio. 
the color inspiration came from this photo:
 i saw that rich pink color and i knew i needed it somewhere in my new house.
the art studio, den and hallway were completed last week. the den and hallway are a rich camel color that also turned out really well. [pics of it soon]
in my bathrooms the previous owners had small boards on the walls before they added the towel rods. needless to say it looked pretty tacky.
see? yeah, ya girl wasn't feelin it that's fo sho. so i had my painter take them and the medicine cabinet out. she got the walls all patched and the painting should get done this week. i can't wait to show y'all the color i picked for my master bath and kitchen. it turned out to be my favorite.
next, i got a few new furniture pieces, too.
 my parents piano. they decided they didn't want to use it in their new home, so they asked me if i wanted it. my reaction was a lot like this one:
i used to take lessons when i was younger so i can play. also it has a player, so it plays by itself. i've put it in my "dining room" and decided dining room, schmining room..who needs a dining room? i'm just going to have it be my formal living room. ohh and i have major plans for it, too. 
my parents also gave me a few more new pieces of furniture like this:
new t.v. cabinet [t.v. not included] they had given me some other furniture and i asked if i could have this, and my mom said sure! i was so excited cause it looks sooooo much better than what i had before. the t.v. is the t.v. i used in my den but i think i'll keep it in my bedroom and get a new one for the den. 

anyways, i know i have probably waaay over-explained everything but i wanna keep up with every little detail here on my blog. also, remember that office re-do i was alll about wanting to do. well i'm stuck. i can't find anyone to hang my pictures, take down my old shelves and put up new ones. i was supposed to get a lock box for my keys, but yea that never happened. so it's a mess and not even worth blogging about anymore. i will say the new desk is a million times more efficient than my old one and i guess that's all that matters.

i'm not sure what i'm doing for the fourth. especially when i have to work on friday. it's kinda like is it even worth going to hot springs? i guess only having to work four days instead of five will be nice but still i wish we were closed so i didn't have to worry about stupid rent.

that's all i got for today. not much going around my parts except for house stuff. 
"man she might be down for the brown, but unless you one of them dudes that drinks soy lattes and recycles his plastics, she ain't wasting her time, that's all."
[la mission]

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  1. Sooo exciting!! Looks like things are coming together.

    Oh I so know what you are talking about. I saw Christmas ornaments the other day in Hobby Lobby and I could not believe it!