Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Constant Wish List

ello ello. tomorrow is the fourth of july. one of my favorite holidays. it's just fun. i'm going to hot springs as soon as i get up on thursday morning. so i can enjoy the day with my family. we all have to work on friday but i bet it'll go by fast. especially since i will be working at our hot springs store that morning, marking things down for our "star spangled savings" event we are throwing for the month of july. 10% off all month long! [starting tomorrow]  
today though..i don't think i'll be able to post on friday..i wanted to share some things that i am just digging. and i neeeeeed them hanging in my closet. what else is knew? what can i say, i love to shop. i mean it is my job. #lovemyjob
here we go. i don't know bout y'all but i always have a constant wish list going. in my photos on my phone, on my computer, on my notes app wherever it is i can make a list of things that i need have to have. i probably am a bit of a listaholic. [a bit might be an understatement] anyways, this time of year is my absolute favorite time of year. 
and if there's one thing i absolutely love about summer it would have to be sno cones summer fashion. duh.

this time of year calls for the best clothes, cutest trends, and prettiest jewelry. [i secretly wish i was a "fashion blogger"] and y'all there's just so much fresh fun stuff out there right now, that it's hard to say no. lately my favorite boutiques have been having some of THE cutest stuff i have seen and i wanted to share them here on my blog.

starting with this outfit:
{i purchased this little number yesterday. i just had to have it.}
top // shorts

let's see..what else? here's a couple from a cut above boutique whom found me on instagram and pulled me in. they really have some pretty stuff for really good prices.
i've seen this maxi at other boutiques but not in this pretty peach color. [love it]
and this dress, too:
i'm really growing to love the bow trend. {bow back dress}
next..a few favorites from kiki la'rue, of course. like this one that i purchased last week:
cept i got it in the black and white stripe
i had to return this dress..
cause it was just waaaay to big in the chest i got the candy stripe dress to replace it. 
also i am really digging the parisian nights maxi but i just can't decide what color..
and lastly..i may or may not have purchased the second to last pair of these pretty babies:
shh don't tell anyone. {disco fever sequin shorts}
and moving on to my absolute most favorite boutique. [as of late] i swear they always pair stuff together that i woulda never thought to do. this store gives me true fashion inspiration.
i just adore this whole outfit.
i want one of these open back tees.
or this top:
found {here}
oh and i like this one too: [told ya i'm a shopaholic obsessed]
well i'm sure all of you's think i'm crazy buying all this but i love being able to express who i am through my clothes. i like being able to tell who i am without having to speak. 
where do you like to shop? [i'm always all ears for more suggestions] 
also, i really love finding my clothes online cause they are always way more original than the basics i find at the mall or target. and i want original pieces since i'm an original person.
anyways, i hope each and everyone of you have a faboosh holiday. have fun and most importantly be careful. there's lot of crazy fools out there thinking they can drive after 8 beers.
and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. let's do something original!
"don't upset yourself, darling. it's only a bloody movie."


  1. Well this doesn't help my wish list either! just now got bigger : /