Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Its Been Awhile

hey. so i was thinkin it's been a little while since i showed off a flipped rent house. other than running four razorback stores, i also help my family with their rental properties. we have over 100 and needless to say they all keep this girl pretty busy. sometimes i hate it and sometimes i love it, but at the end of the day it is what we do, to do the things we love. 

i've shown y'all houses on here before because my family likes to go in and flip the houses we buy before we rent them. and this house we did this time needed a MAAAJOR flip. it seriously was disgusting and saddened me to think people actually lived in this house. we knew we would have a hard time renting this one if we didn't fix it up. so out came the tools and we got right to work. it took us months to get this one finished. but it's done now and i moved a family in at the beginning of this month. and we can move on to the other 8 houses that need our attention.

now for the best part...before and after pictures. [who doesn't love a before and after pic?]

the outside:
this house was 2 bedrooms, 1 bath but we made it a 3 bedrooms. [3 bedrooms are easier to rent]


i cannot even begin to tell you how bad this place smelt before. like i'm talk eyes watering. the maintenance crew wore masks. i'm talking that bad. [i cleaned a rent house on friday that smelt really bad, no fun huh?]

front bedroom:
we made a hallway through the front bedroom to the bathroom. that way they aren't always having to go through someone's bedroom in order to use the bathroom. 
like so:

the bathroom, not gonna lie, was probably one of the nastiest bathrooms i had ever seen. and ya'll i have cleaned A LOT of nasty bathrooms. we had to completely trash the toilet because it was so bad.
the bathroom:

second bedroom:

to make the third bedroom, we enclosed the dining room and made a hallway.
third bedroom:

the kitchen ended up turning out to be super nice. the new tile floors really make it look good.
the kitchen:

well, whatchu guys think? much much better, huh? i think so. and the tenant i moved in was very pleased and happy to have practically a new home to raise her family. i think i would've had a pretty hard time trying to rent it if we kept it as was. 
anyways, that's all i had for today. i'm starting to get back to the bloggin game, that is until next month when allllllllll my new razorback stuff starts coming in for the new season. we got so much  cuuuute stuff hitting our clubhouse floors [what we call our part of the warehouse]. i love my job.

peace out chicken sticks!
12 hours? it's not a missing person until it's at least 24 hours. have you ever seen csi? 24 hours."


  1. So nice! Tyler and I are looking into a rent house to buy for some additional income...and they have all needed some work. Nothing this major, but nice to see it can be done!

  2. I don't think I could do it... so much power to you and your family! How can people let their homes get like that?! It's their homes! Where they live! You guys did such a great job...it looks great!

  3. it turned out so well!!!

    ps for mascara i would try clinque!

  4. AWESOME JOB! Looks terrific. And yep, I can just imagine the smell. :)