Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Am A Material Girl

hey guys. wooo where has the time gone? i have been busy but i don't want to make this post about that. i just wanted to drop in and show off some new things that i've gotten recently and have become obsessed with them. i don't know what it is but recently i have been finding some MAJOR deals on some SUPER cute things. so of course, i gots to show it off here on my little neglected blog. 

the first two things came from two of my favorite boutiques.
the blue ring-my-bell top came from kiki la'rue's inventory clearance sale. so i got it for 50% off. [use code: MOVING to get the discount] they only have black and magenta left. 
and that pretty little necklace ya'll might have seen in a photo in my last post. well i caved and bought that little sucka. so glad i did cause it is one of my new favorites. it's from savoir-faire, a little boutique in fayetteville. they don't have their jewelry on their website so i called and ordered over the phone. they were super helpful. unlike another boutique i've tried to deal with over the phone. 
savoir-faire has been getting some suuuper cute things this spring/summer so i am officially hooked. i have already decided i am going to call this week [tomorrow] and order these two items:
follow them on instagram [@shopsavoirfaire] to see all the lovely items from this store.
i was not paid for the above sentences...i just really adore their shop. typical shopaholic
clearly, because i may have jumped up and down when i seen this on my instagram feed:

now here's a few other items i've recently purchased. i got some really good deals on all of them so i can't help but show them off.
these little beauties i got from hobby lobby and for 50% off, of course. i plan to use them for my [custom made] makeup vanity. 
i went to target over the weekend. even though i shouldn't have. but i was pretty proud of myself when i walked out of there, only spending $88.73 instead of my normal $150 or so. i got some things i needed, but i also hit up the clearance jewelry and got all of the above for only like $17. i swear i have never paid full price for target jewelry cause they always have some cuter ones that are on sale. 
this lovely little zigga zig zag maxi is from kiki la'rue. i had been wanting one but just didn't know how i felt spending $48 on a maxi that i won't wear as often as say a pair of blue jeans. but i had found the gift card i got from my besties for my birthday and it still had $22 on it. so i used that, and used the code BECKASGONE [code ends june 16] for free shipping + i get 5% off for being a frequent buyer. so i got this dress for $22.50. and it arrived to me yesterday. it's super long so i am going to get it hemmed when i take my bridesmaids dress to get hemmed. the material is a lot nicer then my other maxis, too which i understand now why they are $48. 
these items i got at an estate sale last weekend. there's a certain antique company in my town that always has really good ones. glad i hit them up cause i am so excited about that lamp. it is definitely going in my bedroom. jesslyn amber commented on this photo saying she had the little ice cream cups when she was little. and hello! who can say no to bright colorful twenty five cent dish towels?

told you i've gotten me some good stuff here lately.
i am also lusting over these three items:
from hobby lobby. i need to go get me one before they're gone.
arrow earrings. yep totally need these. and with free shipping, why not?
kiki la'rue posted this little sneak peek on their instagram last night. i have only seen these dresses in a maxi and when i saw this shorter version, i gasped. so in love and will definitely be purchasing one on monday when they put em up on the site. 

anyways. here's all my new favorite things..until next week when i find more new favorite things. 
i may have a problem. shopaholic unite!

now, i am sure some of you are wondering why i'm not posting about my new house. well that's cause it's kinda in transition mode right now. i'm gonna start painting it this week, maybe i'm getting some new furniture from my parents, [they are moving at the end of this month] my daddy and i drew up some plans for some furniture and built ins i am having made, and most of my stuff is still in boxes.
my closet and my bathroom have been unpacked and i cannot even tell you's how NICE they are. like i have so much room in my closet that all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories are altogether in one space. i couldn't be more happier with it all. 
i will try and keep things posted on here best i can but if ya really wanna keep up with me and my house stuff you can follow me on instagram: @j___jenkins [3 underscores]

alrighty i am off to deliver jeep loads of merchandise to all four of my wittle stores. 
happy hump day!
"i have been rejected by the army, shoved into a dora the explorer backpack, and pushed into a girl's locker room wearing nothing but suspenders. but no matter. i am in the world that i love."
[pitch perfect]


  1. I love doing me some Kiki La Rue stalking... I pretty much want everything haha ;) Cute Hobby Lobby finds!