Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Had To Getta Fix

hey friends. did everyone have a wonderful, wonderful weekend? i sure did. i had two showers this weekend for my little brother and his fiance, liz. they got some great stuff and it was so much fun celebrating with family and friends. but i'll post more about it later on this week. [hopefully]

today, i wanted to share with you a little thing called stitchfix. i'm sure if you read blogs on the reg like i do, you have probably heard of stitchfix. but if not here's the dealio.
what is stitchfix you ask? 
basically, you fill out a rigorous profile and a chosen stylist goes off your style profile, and sends you five items that they think will look great on you. each item has a style card with it, showing you different ways you can style the different pieces. you can schedule your fixes to come each month, or to come on a specific calendar day. it charges you a flat rate of 20 bucks for a style fee and to ship the items. [they don't charge your card until they ship the items] AND the $20 can go towards whatever you decide to buy from your fix. it sounded like loads of fun for this little shopaholic, so naturally, i was game. 

and on friday i came home to my fix on my front porch. 
[along with a pair of shoes i ordered months ago] talk about a happy friday.

i was so excited to open it and see what my stylist had sent me.
loved the fresh pretty packaging.

the first item i saw i got pretty excited. i had told them on my style profile that my favorite colors were black and gold. well i pulled out a black cardigan with a beautiful print of gold chains and crowns on the back. it was the first thing i tried on. unfortunately it was HUGE on me. the sleeves were just waaay too long.
i would have probably kept this one but it was just too big, and not worth it for the cost.

next i pulled out a super soft tee.
but when i put it on it was HUGE as well and very similar to a gray tee i got at kohls for $14.00. i would never spend sixty bucks on plain tshirt. 
next came a light jacket that had a suede type of material. and then it had a little bit of a peplum shape..which i hate. 
yeah i felt pretty frumpy dumpy in this. it was just not cute. and eight-nine dollars. bitch please. never ever would pay that much for a top. i mean i'm a shopaholic but a cheap shopaholic at that.
i was starting to get disappointed. i mean it would be just silly if i sent all my items back. 
the next item i pulled out i immediately fell in love. and i hadn't even tried it on. 
i loved it. the shape, the feel, the color, the style. everything. it's more of a reddish orange and i have zero reddish orange clothes hanging in my closet. and the cost wasn't bad, since i could use my twenty dollar styling fee towards it, anyway. and i wore it to work yesterday:
[i got so many compliments, too]
next i got a bracelet. you'll get one accessory in each fix. 
as far as the look of the bracelet i was just not impressed. it looked like it should be a lot cheaper than $28 but that's just my opinion. i will say i was very very pleased that it fit my wrist. rarely, and i mean rarely do i find bracelets that fit my teeny tiny wrists. [i'm pretty sure i could slip out of a pair of handcuffs] so i was impressed with that and probably would have purchased it if a. it was cuter and b. if it was cheaper. [i'm kind of a cheapskate]

so that was my fix.
they give you three days to decide on what items you want to keep. then you go to your account on stitchfix and tell them what items you are sending back and which ones you are going to purchase. on each item you can tell them why you liked it or didn't like it. and then you can add extra notes about what your stylist needs to remember for your next fix. on my notes, i made sure to tell them i'm small and petite clothes work best for me. ya know just stuff like that. with your stitchfix, comes a pre-paid usps envelope that you can send your returned items back in. just drop it off at any post office. [easy, peasy, japanesy]
i will say it was actually a lot of fun, even if i didn't love all of my items. i went ahead and signed up for next month, too. [if you end up liking all of the stitches, you get 25% off your entire order] i will say i am already anxious to see what i get next month. 
will you sign up for stitchfix?
oh and here's a pic of the shoes i got from alloy. i'm wearing them today, and i'm kinda obsessed with them.
you can purchase these {here} [they fit just like toms]

okay then. that's alls i had for today. happy tuesday, folks!
"people used to say, if you brought him 15 cents, a nail, and the shell of a great, great, great grandfather snail, he would tell you everything."
[the lorax]


  1. I agree, the reddish/orange top is adorable! Great pick. It's so hard me to justify some of the prices too...but since you were able to use the $20 towards it, I think it was a pretty good deal. :)

  2. Greattttt pick on the top! Super cute! xoxo