Friday, June 14, 2013

5 Small Confessions

yes it is. this week for me has gone by fast. i don't know bout y'all but i'm just digging the weather and am looking forward to a wonderful, wonderful weekend. 

today i had a few confessions to confess. i see lots of people do confessional fridays so here's my version. 

1. i watched the entire first season of american horror story in two days. i'm totally hooked. it's weird and creepy and i could not stop watching it. and when i wasn't watching it, i was thinking about it. anybody have the second season i could borrow? 

2. i bought this necklace:
i didn't want to buy anything until my stuff came in from SF but i literally couldn't help myself. it's cute, unique, and inexpensive. you can purchase you one [here] 

3. i thought my microwave didn't work so i've been using my toaster oven to heat things up. ohh but turns out it really does work, i just didn't know how to work a microwave that was made in the seventies.

4. you wanna know another thing i'm hooked on? the marilyn monroe station on pandora. i've been listening to it here at work for that past few weeks. it's the perfect mix of old music.

5. i am procrastinating cleaning two rent houses, by writing this post. i think i can procrastinate for a little bit longer, too. hey, i hit up all four of my razorback stores yesterday. your girl is a leeetal tired. 

i'm pretty happy it's friday. [my fav day of the week]

y'all have a good weekend, okay! i plan on hitting up some estate/garage sales. lately, i have been finding some cheap stuff that i cannot live without will look great in my new little home.
"you know, i think you're the only girl in the world that can stand on stage with a spotlight in her eye and still see a diamond inside a man's pocket."
[gentlemen prefer blondes]


  1. Ah, I LOVE AHS! So creepy, but so good. I think the first season is better than the second, but looking forward to the third in October!